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  Come on this exciting journey with me into a real intimate relationship with Jesus.He wants us to come closer, to really know him not merely know about Him. I am moving along that journey, no way have I arrived, but I'm not where I used to be. I have a longing deep within to know Him more, to really know His heartbeat, for my heart to beat with His.. In Song of Solomon we see something of His love for us, for the love Solomon had for the Shulamite is a pale shadow of the love that Christ has for His bride. I have placed the ebook as published on Scribd below. This book is an excellent book to take us into real intimacy.

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Journeying Through The Song Of Solomon
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May all who read this be blessed and taken into a deeper relationship with Jesus. This book project started with a desire in my heart to go deeper with the Lord, to find more intimacy. The desire of my heart is to know Him more. I pray it is also yours dear reader. I don’t claim to have arrived I am on a journey with the Lord, but you know something I find He grows sweeter and sweeter as the days go by. I love the Lord Jesus Christ.

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