Where He leads us we will follow



"Is your lampstand burning dimly?

Have you lost sight of your first love?

I'm speaking also to your member's individually?

Are you beloved reflecting my love?

Return to me, your first love,

Alight the fire within your lampstands,

I will empower you with my dove,

It is time for you my people to take your lands.


I have seen your efforts to reach the lost,

But it's not going to happen by self effort,

It's not by your might or power but by my Spirit,

It is time for you my people to be led by the Holy Spirit.

I need to come like a fresh bloom cleansing,

My people you must flee from sin,

Listen to my voice and follow me,

Do you really want my Kingdom to see?

You sing songs of worship saying you give me your all,

Yet there are elements you hold back and you're heading for a fall,

Start allowing the Holy Spirit full sway in your lives,

It won't do for men in the church to lust after other men's wives.

This message I know is not for the whole church,

There are pockets here and there where my fire has been burning,

But for you my friends I send a warning,

Don't allow spiritual pride in to dim the light in your church..

You can learn from the persecuted church,

Learn from the poor churches in India and Africa,

They stand strong in me, they know the heart of Abba,

And they have not lost sight of their first love, even unto death.

Today, I am looking for lampstands burning brightly,

Churches whose lampstands are out are unsightly,

I feel such anguish in my heart when I see empty churches,

That once had bright lampstands burning within  

Many say they would like to see revival,

But beloved it starts with individual renewal,

Are you prepared to take up your crosses and follow me?

Will you live in full obedience to me?

Is pursuit of Jesus and his Kingdom first on your agenda,

It's your heart's I'm looking for, hearts broken and restored by me,

I long to see the church in the west on fire,

Lampstands burning brightly, my people reflecting me."

I love you and I have always loved you,

Daily my Son Jesus intercedes for you,

The Holy Spirit ignites the fire,

I will clothe you with my glorious attire.

Burn for me, shine brightly my beloved children,

May the church be filled with godly men and women,

Reaching upwards, reaching outwards and ready to humble themselves,

Living for me, obeying me and dying now to selves.

And my Kingdom will come in power in the Western church,

Signs, wonders and miracles like never before,

Souls being saved daily and people are added to my church,

For I have shaken the western church at it's core."

Love from the Father who has always loved you,

From Jesus your Saviour,

And from the Holy Spirit who empowers you - The three in one God. 

It's not time for the status quo



It’s not time for the status quo,

It is time for you  for my kingdom to sow,

My people I am coming soon,

Yet so many of you give me so little room.


Hear my cry,

It is time for you open your eyes.

This is not time for the church to sleep,

It is time for you to enter the deep.


Awake, awake oh people,

Now is the time and now is the hour,

For you to tell others the gospel,

That Jesus can be their Lord and Saviour.


Look all around you,

People are dying,

Yet I love them too,

Inside those people are crying.


You promised to follow me,

 Yet me you cannot see,

I have invited you to come closer,

But the ways of the world you prefer.


In this time and in this season,

I am looking for hearts sold out for me,

Your life must have purpose and reason,

Listen to my voice, obey and follow me.


Some of you are looking everywhere for a special anointing,

Looking to men of God, at meeting after meeting,

Yet I have given to you a full deposit of my Spirit,

Seek my face and I will fill you up to overflowing with my Spirit.


I am the answer to all you ever need,

Yet you have not heeded the basics of the precious gospel seed,

Fix your eyes upon me,

Open your spiritual eyes that you might see.


I have made promises to you my people,

I am not a man whose promises are not kept,

My promises dear children are yes and amen,

You my people have never been forsaken.


I have given to you a commission,

To herald in my Kingdom,

It is time for my sons and daughters to arise,

 Remember today my new covenantal promises.


I have said greater things you will do,

Do you really take me at my Word?

Is moving in signs and wonders only for the faithful few?

Or could it be that they are for all who will for me take up the sword?


Awake, awake oh sleepers,

It is time for you to be world shakers,

Walk away from all unrighteousness,

After all rebellion only causes you distress.


I love you and I am interceding for you,

I will never leave you nor forsake you,

It was for your sake that I died,

Love was poured out in every drop of blood shed.


So open your eyes ,

It is time for you to arise,

Listen to my voice,

Make truly following me your choice.


Love from Jesus


Heb 11:32  And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel and the prophets,
Heb 11:33  who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions,
Heb 11:34  quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.



“Awake, awake oh sleepers,

It is time for you my people to go deeper,

I need to be the object of your desire,

Come and let me baptize you afresh with Holy Spirit fire,


Much darkness indeed encompasses your land,

But I have called you as my people to make a stand,

I have said I shall direct your paths,

So take heed of what my Word says.


I want my glory to shine through you,

For this reason I placed my Spirit in you,

The light shines and darkness is dispelled,

I need you though, to be continually Spirit filled.


I want to take you to new heights of intimacy with me,

There is so much more I want you to see,

You can have real knowledge of the Divine,

Heart knowledge as your hearts start to beat with mine.


Maturity in me is not a learned degree,

My children don’t you know it comes from relationship with me,

Rise up now, come and walk with me,

Come closer and I will lead you into intimacy.


Too many of my people are asleep in this hour,

And satan has a desire to completely devour,

But I am the Lord of the angel armies,

Walk my way and you will come to no harm.


The battle belongs to me and I am the Lord,

I want you my people to gather in one accord,

Seek my face and return to me your first love,

My people I want to shower on you, blessings from above.


Mount up now on wings of eagles,

For you are priests of mine who I have made regal,

I have said in my name demons will flee,

It is time for you my people to see the captives set free.


I have strategically placed you for my purpose in this hour,

You may be small in number but remember I am a strong and mighty tower,

Look to me gain your strength from me,

I need you to seek only me.


Put all self seeking aside,

Such behaviour can only cause a divide,

Is it me you serve, will you let me build the church?

You need to give me access to all areas in your lives I can touch.


I want to bring wholeness to your families,

Surrender yourselves, totally over to me,

I am looking for Christians, who are radicals, 

It was for you I died and from sin to set you free.


Will you take up your cross and follow me?

Ask yourselves today do you really, really love me?

When you give yourselves over to me completely,

There are no limits to the harvest you will see.


You will no longer labour in vain,

For I in you will totally reign

The glory of the latter house will be greater than the former,

Reflect on my word for they are worthy of your ponder.


Remember I challenge and chastise those I love,

It is time for you to walk as a people of power,

For such a time as this I sent my Spirit in the form of a dove,

Walk in my Spirit in this hour.


I am promising to give you victory,

The days of defeat will be history,

For now you have found a much better way,

Being led by my Spirit each and every day.”


As the Lord gave this to me 17th April 2011


© Irene McGough







“Come now and take a look and see,

For I have already given you a key,

Place your key within the lock,

Now turn the key and unlock.


I have given you the keys to my kingdom,

Yes indeed child of God this is for you,

So come open the door and know real freedom,

An extraordinary life walking in the supernatural, is ahead of you


So lose yourself of all fear, I have prepared the way,

Step up to the challenge I have set for you today,

You need to know that you are mighty in God,

Remember I have you with full armour shod.


In the reality of my Kingdom signs, wonders and miracles flow,

Anointed and empowered by my Spirit you will surely go,

You were never meant to walk in a form of Godliness without the power,

I, the Lord am equipping you for this hour.


In my name you will see many saved, healed and delivered,

Blind eyes will open, deaf ears will open at your command,

For in my name you have an authority to tell demons to flee,

I want to use you my sons and daughters to see captives set free.”



Abba Father.

The Keys 24th October 2010

This is what the Lord gave me
"My children some of you have opened the door to the kingdom but only tentatively moved through it, hence you are yet to see full kingdom reality, others amongst you are clutching your keys tightly and have yet to venture through the door beyond your initial salvation, I have so much more for all of you, you have been given the keys to my Kingdom."

“Why are you searching everywhere my children?
You are seeking to see my kingdom fully come,
The reality of the kingdom invading earth is not just for some,
Look in your hands for the keys to my kingdom to you has been given.

You have to use those keys to unlock the door,
Now enter through the door and the reality of my kingdom explore,
For years you have prayed ‘Your kingdom come, your will done,
On earth as it is in heaven,’ yet what has been your expectation?

The keys of my kingdom I have given to all who are mine,
But you have forgotten to use the keys to unlock the door,
I am the way, the truth and the life, I am the door,
Seek my face, entry to kingdom reality comes by encountering the Divine.

Come now my children I have given you access to come beyond the veil,
Come closer, come right up here and with me dine,
There is so much more that I want to reveal,
To you, beloved children of mine.

Remember now the keys are already in your hands,
There is so much more I want to help you to understand,
The glory of the latter days is going to be so much greater than the former,
It is time for you my children to take my kingdom with violence and power.”

Love from Jesus

24th October, 2010

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