Where He leads us we will follow



                                                                                                                                                                                                                          LET YOUR KINGDOM COME

The Lord Jesus needs to be given his rightful place to reign in us,

For two thousand years the church has prayed “Thy Kingdom Come”

Yet many of us forgotten that the King of the Kingdom is Jesus,

So dear King have your way in us, that your Kingdom might truly come.


For like any King you need to have somewhere to reign in,

Yet here we are longing for the fullness of your Kingdom to come,

And you are waiting for us to die to selves completely that a new level may be heralded in,

Purify our hearts Lord, change us deep within that your Kingdom might come.


Lord our desire is to see your Kingdom invade this earth in a new and fresh way,

And you have called us into your service each moment of every day,

Whether at work, college, ministry or play we are to live for you alone,

For we are so blessed to be your sons and daughters, that you call your own.


Teach us what following you is all about, we know it comes with a cost,

But you would have us to come in ready obedience taking up our cross.

When you have your full way in us, true signs and wonders will follow in this hour,

Greater works will be seen when you reign and your people walk in full Holy Spirit Power.


So Lord we are asking you to come and take your place truly reigning in us,

For our hearts burn with longing for more of you our King, dear Lord Jesus,

And we want to be a strong beam of light shining in the darkness in this new season,

That the people out there might know that you live and find life’s meaning.


Irene McGough 2008

Friend are you happy?





 Friend are you really happy at the close of the day?

A good job, flash car, fancy house do they satisfy?

For you money is no problem, you seem to have everything,

But right deep down you wonder about life’s meaning.


 So you throw yet another party, and gather fair-weather friends,

But what happens if you’re down on your luck and money ends?

So when your parties over and you think you have all you need,

Take a rain check and ask yourself “Am I satisfying my deepest need?”


 Do you long for someone to love you for just who you are?

Or could it be they love you for your fancy flash car?

Do you know the true meaning of having someone to love?

For lust and sexual attraction will never take the place of love.


 But there is someone who wants to pour out His love upon you.

God so loved you He sent Jesus His only son to die for you,

Jesus died that you might be reconciled to a relationship with God,

All you have to do is confess Your sins and accept Him at His Word.


 For God wants to forgive your sins and give you a new life,

A life with real meaning, purpose driven, no more strife,

For the love of God the Father is a love beyond compare,

He will give you a life everlasting, take to Him your every care.


 So my friend come to Jesus, He gave His life for you on the cross,

Ask Him into your life today and you will no longer turn and toss,

For there is real joy and freedom with Jesus as your friend.

And you will know a hope for sure beyond this life’s end.




 Irene McGough © 2007






I want to tell you a marvellous story,

Of how the King of glory,

Came and pointed out my sin,

That I might be cleansed deep within.


He said “My child I want you to be holy,

Rid yourself of sin and pride and be holy, for I am holy,”

I fell down upon my face for I was far from pure,

Who was I to stand in the presence of one so pure?


And I cried unto the Lord “I want to be more like you,

It amazes me that you can love one such as me,

How the sinless spotless son of God can love me like you do,

Yet your blood paid the price for my sin setting me free.”


So often Lord I have cried out saying “ I want to see your face,

And I dearly love your sweet , sweet embrace,”

Then you ask me, yes one such as me to come closer,

You say to me “Come my child I will reveal to you so much more.”


“So Lord I ask you to come and purify my whole heart,

 I fall so far short of what you would have me to be,

 Please dear Lord cleanse me and let me have a fresh new start,

  That from this moment on, people looking at me, it will be you they see.”


  I have realised now that I can no longer do anything in my own strength,

 And I’m crying out “Dear Lord take the me, and the I out the storm,

  For it can no longer be me that takes control of my life, I need your strength,

  I need  you to come and the deep recesses of my heart and mind transform..”


Irene McGough 2008





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Dear Lord, I have a problem and I want to be part of the solution,

I long to see so many people falling truly in love with you in this generation,

You have set a fire within my heart, luke warmness won’t cut it any more,

I’m falling more in love with my Jesus and I long for people to know the one I adore.


 You have captured my heart and I am wrecked for anything else,

For you I must live I can no longer live for self, you must increase,

I know you have birthed a passion deep within me for the lost and the hurting,

But Lord I want to help in part to awaken your people who are sleeping.


 This passion is taking hold of me and ripping me so completely apart,

I don’t know the why’s and how’s of how to do what you would have me do,

But I know that you hold the future and will help me to make a start,

So through prayer and supplication I come fully ready to be used of you.


 You are so precious to me Lord and I want to know you more and more,

So consume every part of my being, right to it’s very core,

Lord you have always been faithful to me down through the years,

You have carried me through times of blessing and through tears.


 And I confess that I have so often taken my eyes off of you,

But I know without a shadow of doubt that you carried me through,

And you brought me back to the foot of the cross that I might see,

That without you in my life Lord Jesus, just where would I be?


 So hear I am humbly begging your forgiveness my dear Saviour,

And asking you this day to begin raising me up as a true warrior,

Who will play a part in heralding in your Kingdom on this earth,

For a fiery, loving passion for you in me you have birthed.


 So Lord I ask you to help me, to express in poetry and other ways,

Just how wonderful and beautiful you are to me this day,

That, others might behold something of the beauty of your countenance,

And they might come hungry and thirsty to behold your radiance.


 For I love you Lord and I want the world to know it’s all about you,

We were born with a purpose, a relationship with you to pursue,

And that means more than saying a quick dutiful prayer at the end of the day,

You have called us to be lovers of you walking with you along the way.


 For you are the bridegroom who beckons his bride to come as lovers,

And for those yet to come you are beckoning them come hither,

Because you first loved us, giving your life for us that we might be saved,

For your desire is for people to really know they are loved.



 Irene McGough 2008



  Awaken up a real passion for Jesus


 Awaken up a real passion for Jesus ,

Right from the depths of my heart,

Anointed and on fire for Jesus,

The fire of God consuming my heart.


 I raise my hands up in your presence,

I smell your sweet fragrant essence,

My beloved , how I long for you.

I’m so glad you delight in me too.


Reveal  more  and more of yourself to me.

Spirit pour the love of God into my heart,

I love the way that you love one such as me,

I want to love you with my whole heart.


Control my whole being, free me from sin,

The Word of God going deep within.

Spirit of  Elijah, show me your power,

Release your glory, release your power,


I want  to dwell in your secret place,

I am  longing to see you face to face,

I’m amazed at the wonder of your grace.

Lord , you died for the whole human race.


Lord give me your heart, that I might see.

People around me, just what you see.

Help me to reach out with your compassion,

For You Lord, are the object of my passion.


Irene McGough  2007



Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me

All of my sins were carried away,
The blood of Jesus set me free,
On Calvary’s Cross, You died for me
Thank you Jesus for setting me free.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me

Lord, take my life and let me be,
More and more and more like Thee.
Fill me with the Holy Spirit,
I want to be a beacon of light.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me

Help me reach out to those around me.
Bringing others unto Thee,
I want to praise Your Name.
Jesus, yesterday and forever the same.

Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me
Thank you Jesus, Thank you Lord ,
Thank you my Saviour for dying for me


Irene McGough 2004




I want to tell you about my best friend,
He is with me each step along the way,
He will never leave me nor forsake me,
He'll be with me beyond life's journeys end.

Do you know Him? His name is Jesus,
He is The Son of God, And he loves me so;
I'm just a sinner saved by grace,
He died for me and he died for you,
And I long to see Him face to face.
He wants to be your friend, this wonderful friend of mine.
Come to Him today before it's too late,
Accept Him as your Saviour and make Him Lord

I want to tell you about my best friend,
He is with me each step along the way,
He will never leave me nor forsake me,
He'll be with me beyond life's journeys end.
Come to Him today before it's too late,
Accept Him as your Saviour and make Him Lord

By Irene McGough   © 2005



Be still and know the presence of the Lord,
Be still for He is worthy to be praised,
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, to the Lord of hosts.
Be still for the Lord is in this place.

Lift up your hands in praise to the King of Kings,
For, He is worthy to be praised.
What wondrous grace and mercy He bestowed.
When on the cross for you and me He died.

Be still and know the presence of the Lord,
Be still for He is worthy to be praised,
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, to the Lord of hosts.
Be still for the Lord is in this place.

Now Jesus our Lord reigns in Majesty.
Some day soon He’ll be coming back for us,
On that day we’ll be caught up in the air.
Oh, what a wonderful day that will be.

Be still and know the presence of the Lord,
Be still for He is worthy to be praised,
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, to the Lord of hosts.
Be still for the Lord is in this place.

But for now we have a work for Him to do,
Telling the people about Jesus our King.
Time is running short and the Gospel must go forth,
We can’t hide our lights under a bushel anymore.

Be still and know the presence of the Lord,
Be still for He is worthy to be praised,
Sing Holy, Holy, Holy, to the Lord of hosts.
Be still for the Lord is in this place.

By Irene McGough. © 2005



I want to tell you a story,
About the King of Glory
From heaven to earth He came
For us the lost He came.

He died to set us free,
The bonds of sin were untied.
When on the cross He died.
From sin's penalty we are set free

He is coming back again,
His people he will take,
With Him forever we will reign,
Our King, Yesterday and forever the same.

Caught up together with Him in the air,
On that morning bright and fair,
Singing praises forever to His name,
We shall stand in the presence of our King.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, sing praises to the Lord,
Worship the Majesty of our God,
Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
Sing praises to the Lord of Hosts.

      By Irene McGough   ©  2004


Rend the heavens Lord                                                                                                    
Revival fire fall on me
Lord let your Spirit fall,
I give you my all in all

Take me, melt me, mould me;
Let those springs of living water flow,
That I might be aglow,
So the people might see,
My Lord Jesus in me.
Oh, Holy Spirit flow through me.

Rend the heavens Lord,
Revival fire fall on me
Lord let your Spirit fall,
I give you my all in all

Show your power Lord
Our Lord and our God,
Let the wind of Your Spirit flow,
Making Your people all aglow,
May our lives be a living testimony,
Oh, Holy Spirit flow through you and me.

Rend the heavens Lord,
Revival fire fall on me
Lord let your Spirit fall,
I give you my all in all

by Irene McGough © 2006





I praise You Lord, You light up my path,
Your Word is a source of power,
I will not suffer your wrath,
For You are my strong tower.

You are my refuge and my strength,
You’ll walk with me beyond life’s journeys end.
With You by my side what shall I fear?
When I am hurting you wipe away all tears.

By your grace and mercy You saved me,
Hallelujah, I was blind but now I see,
You gave me your Spirit, and now I am free,
To soar with the eagles, far above the trees.

So now Lord I ask one thing only.
This Lord I seek with my whole heart,
That I might see you more and more,
My God, so good to me You are.

You give me a taste of heaven here below,
When I perceive something of Your Glory
I look at the beauty of your creation
You call me your child, I am Your relation.

I am seeking after You my Lord, my God.
I hunger and thirst for You, only You.
Nothing else will satisfy the longing of my soul,
Lord keep my eyes fixed upon that final goal.

I want to serve You Lord,
Where you lead me I will go.
Nothing more will I withhold,
Please Lord, I pray make me bold.

     by Irene McGough  ©  2006



Two thousand years ago or so,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                A babe was born in Bethlehem,
The child was born ,
In a bed of straw.
A humble birth for the Servant King,
The Lord of Lords and the King of Kings,
The Son of Man,
Rejected by men;
He hung upon that cross of wood,
For on that hill alone he stood;
He rose victorious over the grave,
It was for us whom He came to save;
He's with the Father in glory now,
He's coming again, any day now.

Irene McGough © 2004



 I'm going to keep looking up;
For I know that day is coming soon;
That day when with the Lamb I'll sup;
Oh, what a glorious Wedding Feast;
On that day when the bridegroom calls me,
Face to face with my Saviour I will be;
Hallelujah, for that day is coming soon;
I'll be caught up with Christ in the air.

By Irene mcGough© 2004



Come see our bridegroom with outstretched arms,
His eyes search deep and piercing into His beloved’s eyes,
He says” My beloved I long for you to come up here,
Rise up my bride, my fair one come away with me,”

Let the bride in unison with the Spirit say "Come,"
Longing for your sweet presence we come,
We come thirsting and drinking from the living waters,
In passionate pursuit of the One who we adore,

Feeling that longing from down deep within,
For our dear Saviour who has freed us from sin,
We enter your courts with thanksgiving in our hearts,
Yielding  wholly unto Him we make a new start.

The glory of the Lord transcends from His throne room,
Our beloved Saviour and King, the one coming soon,
We take our place caught up in the heavenlies with Him,
Moving right on into the Throne room with Him.

We gaze in wonderment at that wonderful glow,
Like a glorious rainbow encircling the one we adore,
We see that beautiful compassionate love as He gazes upon us,
His bride, the one He adores, as He pours love out upon us.

Face to face with Christ our Lord, our bridegroom,
The one who has pursued us from the beginning,
Now here we are coming all the way home to Him.
Throughout all eternity His praises we will sing.

Holy, Holy, Holy are you, Lord God Almighty, you call us Your own,
Singing with the angels and elders around your throne,
“You’re worthy, oh Lord to receive all glory, honour and power,
Lord there is none like you, how we long for You in this hour.”

Copyright  © Irene McGough 2007

Consuming fire

There’s a fire burning,
A Holy Ghost fire
A fire burning,
Within my heart.

A fire burning,
Consuming me.
A fire burning,
Consuming me.

That fire burns freely,
For I am free,
Jesus set me free
Now its Jesus and me.

A fire burning,
Consuming me.
A fire burning,
Consuming me.

Oh, that fires burning
A Holy Ghost fire.
A fire burning
Within my heart

A fire burning,
Consuming me.
A fire burning,
Consuming me.

Let's let the fire burn.
A Holy Ghost Fire,
A fire burning
Within our hearts

A fire burning,
Consuming us,
A fire burning,
Consuming us.

Irene McGough © 2006



Lord, when I behold the glory of your grace;
I fall down at Your feet; I worship You, Oh Lord.
Majestic wonder, my Saviour, Redeemer, my King.
Your praises Lord forever I will sing. I will sing.

I surrender my all in all,
Before Your feet I humbly fall,
You are the Potter and I am the clay,
So Lord have Your way, I pray.

All glory, honour and praise be unto You,
My Lord, my Master , My friend,
And I keep falling in love with You,
You'll be with me beyond life's journey's end.

I surrender my all in all,
Before Your feet I humbly fall,
You are the Potter and I am the clay,
So Lord have Your way, I pray.

Irene McGough© 2005


 Lord, lay some souls upon my heart,
and win those soul through me.
Not that I may boast,
Except in the blood of Jesus Christ,
That others may know,

 Lord, lay some souls upon my heart,
and win those soul through me.
Not that I may boast,
Except in the blood of Jesus Christ,
That others may know,
the glory of your Majesty.

So Lord break me, fill me and mould me,
Into what you want me to be,
So it's no longer I that lives,
But Christ that lives in Me
The clock is ticking away,
Time is running short

Lord , lay some souls upon my heart,
and win those soul through me.
Not that I may boast,
Except in the blood of Jesus Christ,
That others may know,
the glory of your Majesty.

By Irene  McGough   
©  2004





My Lord and my God, I find it so hard for me to comprehend,
How the Lord of heaven and earth could love me like you do?
Yet you love me without measure, a love that will never end,
The desire of your heart is to have me really love you too.

You long for me to know real intimacy with you,                             
And deep down in my heart I just long for that too,
Keep my eyes focused on you Lord and teach me your wisdom,
That I in turn might play my part in heralding in your Kingdom.

For yours is the Kingdom, the power and the glory,
Who is like you my dear Lord and Saviour, Creator of all?
Holy Spirit come and fill me up afresh, don’t let me fall.
For I need your help to boldly proclaim the gospel story.

So Lord I give you permission to do a work in me deep within,
Rid me of all that is of the flesh, come and free me from sin,
For it can never be me at the centre, help me from self to die,
For it is you Lord Jesus who sets people free, for this cause you died.

Yet praise be to God the story didn’t end there, I serve a risen Saviour,
You are the risen glorified one, the beginning and the end,
You are my redeemer, my beloved, my King and my friend,
And I with the angels will cry Holy, Holy, Holy to my Saviour.

Baptize my heart with your Holy Spirit fire once again,
Help me to be a witness for you in this world of men,
I want to drink deep from the wells of living water,
That out of my belly may flow rivers of living water.
 Irene McGough © 2007






The Word of The Lord has been planted as seed,
The Lord of the harvest is bringing in the harvest,
His voice hearkens to you and me “Can I send you?”
The harvest is plentiful It’s labourers I need.

Will we gladly respond “Here I am Lord send me.”
Or will we look around and say “Please Lord send another,”
Will we boldly go and proclaim “One way to God there is no other.”
For it was for all the lost that Jesus died, can’t you see?

Lord cleanse deep within our hearts, start with mine,
Rid me of all my foolish ways, make me over anew,
oh Lord our God, You must increase, we must decrease,
From now on let our foolish striving in fleshly ways cease.

So Lord when we hear your cry “Will you go for me?”
Let us gladly respond “Here I am Lord send me.”
“Anoint us and commission us Lord for the work we must do,
That the people out there will know that you love them too!”

 Irene Mc Gough © 2007


Listen to the clock,
Listen to the ticking,
Time is running short,
The minutes are going by,

A special day is coming,
All that believe will be caught up in the air:
To meet our Lord, oh wondrous day,
You don't want to be left behind, here to stay.

Listen to the clock,
Listen to the ticking,
Time is running short,
The minutes are going by,

Friend are you ready?
It's nearly midnight,
That day is fast approaching;
Jesus wants you to be part of his Bride.

Irene McGough © 2004


The promises of my Lord and my God are yes and amen,
And what God promises He is faithful to deliver,
So I take hold of His promises and say amen.
I will place my trust in the Lord my Saviour.

My Lord and Saviour is the restorer of my soul,
The blood He shed was for me to be made whole.
He has wiped away all of my iniquities,
And He is the healer of all sickness or disease.

The scourging He took was for my healing,
Bodily, Spiritual and financial healing,
He is even the one who provides me with faith,
My Lord has spoken promises and they come to pass.

I am a believer so I shall lay hands on the sick,
The power of God within me will bring forth that healing,
For it is Christ in me that is the hope of glory,
I will boldly proclaim the full gospel story.

God has promised to prosper me and not to harm me,
So I know that He will provide for all my needs,
He has promised never to leave me nor forsake me,
So I will stand on the promises which in His Word I read.

 Irene McGough © 2007







The Lord our God is the son of righteousness,
And He rises with healing in His wings,
Generation after generation has experienced healing,
For He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord that heals.

God does not change with the seasons ,
Yesterday today forever He is the same,
God’s mercies are for everyone,
He is the healer of the sick and the lame.
The sick are healed through praying in faith,
The Lord will raise them up as His Word saith,
The words of Jesus were I am willing, be healed,
For it is by the stripes he took we are healed.

I’m believing and receiving for a total inner healing,
For my Lord and my God is forever willing,
To renew the strength of all who wait on Him,
I will rise up like and eagle, healed to soar with Him.

 Irene McGough  © 2007



Thank you Lord Jesus for the authority I have in you.
For it is Christ in me that is the hope of glory,
I have a wonderful inheritance as a child of yours,
Thank you Lord for revealing to me your riches in glory.

I am seated up in those heavenly places with you.
The fullness of the Godhead indwells me,
The same power that resurrected You indwells me,
All things are under Your feet so they are under mine too.

It’s not about who I am, but about who You are,
So, I will move in the might and power of the Spirit,
Boldly proclaiming to those near and far,
You want to set them free and give them the Holy Spirit.

The full Gospel of the Kingdom I will proclaim ,
Letting people know the power and authority of Your Name,
I am a believer so I can lay hands on the sick and they are healed.
For Your Word says “By Your stripes we are healed.”

There may be violence against Your Kingdom today
You have already won the Battle and the enemy is defeated,
So I will courageously and violently take force Your Kingdom.
By being a strong warrior for you, for in the heavens I am seated.

 Irene McGough © 2007




Home life was tough I felt like an orphan,

From abuse, troubles and strife I ran,

I was lost and all alone,

Had my heart really turned to stone?


 All I wanted was someone to care,

Life’s trials were just too much to bare,

Then someone told me that Jesus loved me,

He went all the way to Calvary for me.


 It was at the cross that I found love,

The Holy Spirit descended on me like a dove,

Father God, put His arms around me,

He said come home my child and welcomed me.


 Now I know what it is to be alive,

For I was dead inside from the age of five,

 Praise the Lord for He set me free,

From now on it’s just Jesus and me.


 Irene McGough  © 2007 (Not personal testimony but written from the perspective’s of those I have met, and seen how Jesus has broken in through the darkness.)






Father, take me back to the cross that I might see,
More of what it cost for my Lord to die for me,
From heaven’s glory He came to a lowly birth,
Born in Bethlehem as Micah had prophesied this.

One among the twelve betrayed Him with a kiss,
Giving His master up for thirty pieces of silver no less,
What anguish of heart the Lord Jesus must have felt at this?
For Judas saw Him as Master, but He was never His Lord.

In the Garden of Gethsemane Jesus sweat drops of blood,
As he contemplated the bitter cup he must drink,
He must go as a lamb to the slaughter as prophesied in the Word,
The mental anguish of this must been horrific I think.

 The agonising scourging He took was that I might be healed,
For by His Stripes my sicknesses and diseases are healed,
It was my sins that took my Lord to the cross on that day,
He died that his blood might wash my sins all away.

And what excruciating pain he bore for one such as me,
The scourging alone would remove layers of skin.
His nerves would be exposed and damaged can’t you see?
Oh the agony, that my Lord endured and He did it all for me.

Pilate asked the crowds who to release, would it be Jesus Son of Man?
But the crowds wanted release of the thief Barabbas the son of a man.
So Pilate gave Jesus up to the crowd, washing his hands of this dreadful deed,
The King of the Jews wearing a crown of thorns, this would be agony indeed.

Beaten, bleeding and in excruciating pain Jesus must go up Mount Calvary,
The cross on His back He must bear, so God sent Simon His cross to bear,
And all around the crowds did jeer as Jesus proceeded, their sins to bear,
A bitter cup of gall they offered Him to drink at Golgotha on Mount Calvary.

But the bitterest cup of all was that which He swallowed on the cross,
When He took your sins and mine on His body on the cross,
They nailed Him to the cross piercing His hands and his feet,
And they made His grave with the wicked, He who knew no deceit.

My Saviours words to You Father were “Forgive them for they know not what they do,”
Then as He was taking the sins of the whole world on Himself, He cried “It is finished.”
And now I gaze upon that cross and get an inkling of what He suffered for me and you,
I’m so thankful that He has forgiven me for it was for me His blood was shed.

The temple veil to the Holy of Holies was rent in two making way for me to enter in,
A once for all sacrifice by the precious Lamb of God, Messiah, had been paid for my sin,
The grave couldn’t hold Him and on the third day the King of Kings rose again,
Now He sits at the Father’s right hand on His heavenly throne, and soon He’s coming again

Irene McGough © 2007




 He who is and was and is to come did it all for us,

Our creator left heavens glory to die the just for the unjust,

He made all that has breath, the author of time and seasons,

Our finite minds find it hard to understand the reason.


 For what man would for those who crucified Him die?

In obedience to the Father the Son of Man came and died,

It was out of love that He became sin, who knew no sin,

Now all who accept Him as Lord, can have sins forgiven.


 I find it amazing that the Son of God wanted me to be part of His bride,

There is no natural beauty in me that my bridegroom should desire me,

He has made me beautiful in His sight and washed away my sins from me,

And now I have a hope that is steady and sure of an eternity by His side.


 He wants you too to be part of His glorious bride?

He says “Won’t you come to me and in me abide,

Dear friend it was for you that I on Calvary’s cross died.

Don’t you see the loving tears for you I have cried?


 I’m coming back again my precious bride to take home,

But I tarry a little longer, to see more say “I will come,”

For throughout eternity my Father has longed to be reconciled to you.

For it was for that reason I came to have a relationship with you.”


 God and Jesus love you and the Holy Spirit is knocking at your heart’s door,

The Holy Spirit wants you to open up to Jesus and let Him come in,

That you might know a blessed hope that is sure, new life in Christ gives more,

For with your sins forgiven you will be on your way to that place called heaven.

 Irene McGough © 2007






God has heard the heartfelt prayers of the faithful,
He has heard you cry out for this city,
He says it will be unto you according to your faith,
For God loves all the people in this city,

Don’t you see it was God who birthed compassion for the lost in you?
Can’t you see that as Jesus wept for Jerusalem He weeps for your city?
He says rise up my people, it is harvest time for you.
“Come walk with me through your city, it’s time to take the city.”

God desires to see the Kingdom of heaven come; He’s changing the city air.
He is waiting for His people to rise up and violently take it by force.
We need to see that we already have the victory standing in faith.
We need to go to war against the principalities and powers of the air.

The enemy has been defeated; he’s headed for the pit of hell.
The victory is ours through Jesus our Lord, He’s prepared the way well,
Many tears have been shed from Heaven as Father God gazes down on the city,
Then he sheds tears of joy when he hears his people intercede for their city.

Like any good Father he wants to meet the needs of those who are hungry.
He wants to feed and clothe those who are poor, and set the captives free.
He looks at men and women trapped in addictions and He wants them to see,
That only through Jesus and His blood shed for them they can have real victory.

There is a river flowing through the city of Glasgow and the river brings life,
In times past many made their livelihoods in the shipyards by the docks,
Recent decades have meant shipyard closures, and many have had to find work,
But the river still flows through the city and with it comes new life.

I see swirling waves birthing a river flowing through the city streets,
This river is the river of life flowing freely through the streets of this city.
God’s people from all denominations are taking the message to the people they meet,
Salvation, signs wonders and miracles has come to the people of our city.

As the woman with an issue of blood once touched the hem of His garment,
We as ambassadors for Christ are going to see strangers asking us about Jesus,
We will lay hands on the sick with authority and all will be healed in Jesus name.
Our shadows may bring healing to the sick for the Holy Spirit is forever the same.

So let us the people of God arise as the Lord has called us to.
He is the Lord of the harvest and He is bringing forth the harvest,
The river of life is about to flow freely through the city,
I want to be immersed in that river as it flows through this city, don’t you?

Irene McGough  ©  2007

I live in the Glasgow area, so God gave me this for Glasgow.I am sure much of this though can be taken on board for your city or your town.





Over 2000 years ago an event happened to shape eternity.                   
A child was born in a manger in a stable in Bethlehem,
They called his name Jesus, meaning God is Saviour,
No ordinary babe was he this was God in human form.
Let’s commence this story, while King Herod was ruling Judea,
God sent the angel Gabriel to a young woman called Mary,
Mary lived in Nazareth and was engaged to Joseph,
Gabriel said “ Peace, God is blessing you for He is happy with you Mary.

You will become pregnant by the Holy Spirit and give birth to a boy,
This child will be God’s own son and you will call Him Jesus,
And your cousin Elizabeth though older in years is giving birth to a boy,
This boy will be John who has been chosen to prepare the way for Jesus.”

And Mary in faith replied to Gabriel “Let it happen as God chooses.”
Mary visited Elizabeth and the baby leaped in her womb;
Then Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke.
"Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!”

Then Mary said “ My soul magnifies the Lord and my spirit rejoices,
Rejoicing in God my Saviour  for he has remembered me, his lowly servant!
From now on all people will call me blessed among women,
What God has done for me will never be forgotten by all generations,

The God whose very name is holy, set apart from all others.
His mercy flows in wave after wave on those who fear him.”
Mary went home to Nazareth and Joseph was concerned,
For Mary was with child and they had not yet wed,

But an angel spoke to Joseph in a dream assuring him,
That this child was from God and he would save people from sin,
That he need not fear to take Mary as his bride and wed,
So Joseph took Mary as His wife and they did wed.

Now the Emperor Augustus called for a census, a register of names,
People in the Roman Empire must return to the home of their family name,
So Joseph and Mary although she was heavy with child travelled to Bethlehem,
This town was about seventy miles from their home in Nazareth,

Joseph and Mary took their time because she was expecting a child,
So their was no room at the inn and a stable was the place of Jesus birth,
This was fulfilment of Micah’s prophecy that a child would be born in Bethlehem.
In swaddling clothes in a lowly manger he lay; this was the Christ child.

Now shepherds watched their sheep in the hills that night the Messiah was born,
Suddenly an angel appeared shining brightly with the glory of God appeared,
The shepherds were very afraid, but the angel said "Do not be afraid,
For behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy to all, today a child is born,

This child born in the city of David this day is Jesus Christ the Lord.”
So the shepherds made their way to the town of Bethlehem to find this child,
And in the stable in Bethlehem they found Mary and Joseph with the baby Jesus,
And those humble shepherds bore witness to the Lord’s birth and others told.

The shepherds retuned to their flock praising God for sending Jesus as Saviour,
A shining bright star shone brightly in the night sky when Jesus was born,
Some wise men from the east had seen this star and sought out the new King,
In Jerusalem King Herod heard of their quest and felt threatened by this baby.

For the wise men asked “Where is the new baby who is to be the Jewish King?”
Herod summoned the wise men to come to him and asked for information,
He wanted the wise men to tell him where the new King was staying,
Saying he wanted to go and worship the King, but his thoughts were evil.

The wise men continued following the star all the way to Bethlehem town,
And the star led them directly to stop at the house in which baby Jesus dwelt,
And the wise men brought gold, frankincense and myrrh to give Jesus as gifts,
For they bore gifts for the Saviour who would give them eternal life as a gift.

Then the wise men were warned in a dream by God to avoid King Herod,
So they went back a different way for God had revealed a new way,
And Joseph too had a dream in which God told him to flee to Egypt.
For Herod had an evil plan to kill all boys under the age of two.

But Herod’s plan was thwarted for Joseph and Mary had taken Jesus to safety,
They stayed until another dream for Herod was dead and they could go safely,
So off they went to Israel and their old town of Nazareth and here Jesus grew up,
For the word the prophets foretold to come true “He shall be called a Nazarene.”

And this was God’s own Son, sent to live amongst us,
He came to teach men about God and reveal Him to us,
But more than that He came to restore us to relationship with God,
He wants us to know life eternal which is a gift from God.

For this baby born in Bethlehem came for our sakes to die,
That we who have sinned might be forgiven and not die,
So as we reflect on Christmas let’s remember the greatest gift,
For God in grace and mercy gives eternal life as a gift.

          Irene McGough© 2007





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Long before this world began,

God had a purpose and a plan,

Creation of this world was His plan,

And in this world He would place man.


God created man to commune with Him,

For man to walk in fellowship with Him,

But along came the serpent tempting the woman,

Sin destroyed that perfect relationship with man.


So God sought a way to restore that relationship,

For a righteous God could not look upon sin,

There had to be a sacrifice of one with no sin within,

God sent His Son to die to restore our fellowship.


 When Jesus died he paid the price for our sins.

And now we can know what is to be forgiven,

By repenting and opening up our hearts to Jesus,

We come to the Father through relationship with Jesus.


 For the Master’s plan was that we should worship Him,

And now we can do this in Spirit and in truth,

Knowing the wonder of relationship with Him,

We come through Him who is the way, the life and truth.


 Irene McGough 2007



I want to love like you love,

I want to care like you care,

Release your anointing from above,

That I might ‘agape’ love share.


 Lord melt my cold, icy heart,

And give it a fresh new start,

Oh Lord please help me to see,

That others must come before me.


 Lord, give me your heart of compassion,

For I really want to be your reflection,

May I your loving compassion show,

So others might long for you to know.


 So help me to love like you love,

And help me to care like your care,

So others might see something of your love,

And because I have you I really care.


 Irene McGough  © 2007



There is a river proceeding from God’s Throne,
And that river brings life, presence and power,
With it flows God’s grace and mercy for this hour,
As the Holy Spirit calls people to be new creations,

Living waters quench the thirst of those who are thirsty,
Those who drink of those living waters will never thirst again,
For the water that Jesus gives is a fountain of life everlasting,
And it was the Holy Spirit who birthed in you that thirst.

The Holy Spirit reveals more of Jesus and the Father to us,
He brings incomparable joy, freshness, and communion with God,
And the river of living waters starts to really flow in our hearts,
And in turn those living waters will flow to others from our hearts.

My friend we need to go deeper in the river, ankle deep will not do,
Yes we need to go deeper in the river waist deep will not do,
To be freely flowing in this river we need to be swimming,
But we can only swim in the river when we venture right in.

So let’s put aside all fear of the deep for in the river is life,
And venture right in and swim and know abundant life,
For when we swim in the river Jesus is ever present with us,
And when we flow with the river the Holy Spirit empowers us.

The Lord’s glory is revealed in the river as the Spirit moves over the deep.
The Holy Spirit will fill us up afresh so we can let the living waters flow,
For a river must flow out and we need to let the river flow out to people in need,
So when we are flowing in the river reaching out to others we must go.

     Irene McGough 2007


Do you see me lying in the alley way.
No-one has told me that Christ is the way.
Life’s struggles hit me hard,
Can’t you see I am really sad.
For that bottle I do reach,
For life worth living seems beyond my reach,
The pain inside is just too much,
People pass me by in one great rush.
Can anyone see the hurt I feel.
To feed my habit I must steal
I shoot that needle into my arm,
I know this will do me harm,
Is there more to life than this,
If there’s no real hope I think I’ll give it a miss.
So if you see me lying in that alley way.
Won’t you come and tell me that Christ is the way?

 Irene McGough  © 2007 





Holy Spirit come in power, baptize me afresh with your fire,
I long to see the kingdom of heaven invade this earth,
But take that longing and move it on to a passionate desire,
Increase your presence in me, so my flesh life is put to death.
Help me press on in to the high calling of my Lord and Saviour,
Lord you say I am the salt of the earth, let me be salt with real flavour.
I praise and thank you Lord for setting me so totally and completely free,
I thank you Father for the Spiritual gifts which you have given me,

From now on I want to learn to really walk by faith and not just by sight,
Lord won’t you shine through me the full force of your glorious light,
Heavenly Father, like Smith Wigglesworth I long for prevailing faith.
Help me Father to take hold of all that Your precious Word says.

Your Word says I should be doing greater works empowered by the Spirit,
I repent that for too long I have been prepared to accept the status quo,
Lord, on my own I am powerless, fill me afresh with the Holy Spirit,
For I long to move in the power of the Holy Spirit more and more.

I look around me and see so many hurting people everywhere,
The rich, the poor, the middle classes all looking for fulfilment.
Hospital wards are full of sick people yet you are the greatest healer,
Through your commission into this world I am one who is sent.

So my Dear Saviour I ask you, to help me be your hands and feet,
That people I meet, might know full healing and come to Your Mercy Seat,
Lord you want me to lay hands on people in wheelchairs and see them healed,
For when I call upon the name of Jesus in fullness of faith all will be healed.

So Lord, take me now and rid me of all that hinders me from breaking through,
For I’m a child of your Kingdom, an heir to the promises, I want to glorify You.
I need not boast in anything of me for I press on into Your Kingdom authority,
That I might play my part in seeing Your Kingdom come and heal this city.

  Irene McGough 2007.






 Oh Lord my God, you are my refuge and my strength,

You rescue me from the fiery darts of the evil one,

I need not fear for my Lord the battle has won,

From now on one thing I will seek at great length.


 I am seeking after you Lord, seeking your face,

For it is you and you alone who helps me to run the race.

For you are so good and gracious and merciful to me,

You don’t cast me off or hide your face from me.


 And you teach me your ways and direct all my paths,

You call me your child and empower me in my tasks,

So I will ever praise you Lord for your merciful goodness,

My hope is in you Lord  to lead me in paths of righteousness.


Irene McGough ©  2007






This is where I belong seated up in the Heavenly Places with you Lord,
I’m coming up closer, coming up higher, deeper and deeper to be with you,
For as the deer pants for water, my soul is thirsting after you,
Jesus my bridegroom, my Saviour, my King, my lover, my  Lord.

My heart overflows with an all consuming passion for you Lord.
How can it be that you only have eyes for one such as me?
You call me your beloved and you tell me you are pleased with me,
What love, what grace and mercy you have shown to me, dear Lord.

I love when you wrap your arms around me, sweetly caressing my hair,
In all the circumstances of this life I know that you really care,
For you are good all the time and your love is forever and ever,
There is absolutely nothing that will your precious love sever.

For your love is an everlasting love, sweet and beautiful to me,
You kiss me with your kisses showing such amazing love for me,
You keep welcoming me to come up a little higher and higher,
You desire all of me and want to be the object of my deepest desire.

Now I behold the glory of the Holy lamb, for my sake you were slain,
You are the Lord of Lords and King of Kings and you sit upon the throne,
Yet here you are calling my name and drawing me up closer once again,
My heart is bubbling over with joy when you call me your own.

You’ve taken my mourning and turned it into dancing,
You’ve taken my weeping and turned it into laughing,
You’ve taken my sadness and turned it to joy unspeakable.
Then you call me on up to your banqueting table.

And I cry out more Lord, more Lord, I want more of you.
My heart and soul cry out for you Lord, only you.
I love to be alone with you Lord in the secret place,
Where you give me strength to go on running the race.

 Irene McGough © 2007



Father, God you are so gracious and merciful to me,
Though I am undeserving, my sins have been forgiven,
The precious blood of Jesus was shed to redeem me,
And now I’m saved and destined for a home in heaven.

Teach me to show mercy to others as you do,
Help me to impart love to others like you do,
Remove unforgiveness from me, help me to forgive,
Purify my heart and help me this day to for Jesus live.

Oh, Lord, my God, remove every wicked way from me,
Lord may I no longer withhold any part of me from you.
Here I am, broken and contrite and you say “Come to me.”
And I run straight into your arms knowing I am forgiven too.

Let every day of my life from be lived wholly for you,
With my whole heart I long to be more and more like you,
Take me this day, lift the scales off my eyes and help me to see,
I need to walk in the Spirit, living for you, and be all you want me to be.

    Irene McGough 2007



As we enter into this another New Year,
Let us focus our thoughts on the New Life Giver,
His blood was shed for us that might be forgiven,
And be on our way to a place called heaven.

Never has there been such a wondrous love,
God’s only Son left the glory of heaven above,
What depth, what breadth of love was this?
Amazing love, such amazing love was this.

He made a way for us to enter the Holy of Holies,
That we might seek the face of the one who is Holy,
As we move into this New Year let our focus be on Him,
Let us come with grateful hearts seeking only Him.

Come, let us put aside all of our foolish ways,
And surrender to Him the rest of our days,
For He alone is worthy of all glory Honour and Praise,
With cries of praise, and adoration let our voices be raised.

For Lord Jesus we Love you, we want more of you,
Oh Lord Jesus we give our hearts wholly over to you,
Let this New Year be a fresh new start,
May we for you be totally a people set apart.

Irene McGough © 31/12/07.





“My child, come and cast your cares upon me,
Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me,
Cast your burdens down at the foot of the cross,
I want to bring you into my rest, no need for toil.

I want you to incline your ear and listen to my voice,
Stop now and listen, learn to recognize my voice,
Child you keep going back to striving, busy doing,
Yet it should be the rest I give, you should be pursuing.

Don’t you see that in your weakness I give you strength?
Child lean on me and you will do all things in my strength,
For it was I who sent the Holy Spirit to empower you.
Call upon me in your hour of need and I will hearken unto you.

Trust in me, put your faith in me in all things to enter my rest.
It’s time to stop wavering when you are put to the test,
My dear child I see your heart and I see that it’s me you love,
I want you to rest in my presence and let me pour out my love.

Every tear I will wipe away, every hurt will be healed,
Approach my throne of grace in this your hour of need,
Repent and turn away from all that hinders perfect communion,
My arms are open wide and I long for that sweet communion.

Don’t look for the applause of men, rather fix your eyes on me,
Put no confidence in your flesh but rely totally on me,
Give your all to me, walk my way, serve me with your whole being,
And you will know a joy and a rest which you have not yet seen.

I am jealous for your time, I know child that you long after me,
You can be so busy trying to show others my love you lose sight of me,
Yet to show my love you need that precious time with me.
Look to me daily to help you win the race and learn to rest in me.

Because you can run with me from the place of rest that I give,
I will give you my strength to empower you for service,
In my place of rest all your works will have fully ceased
And you will discover what it is from striving to be released.

So my child it is time for you to enter fully into my rest,
There is liberty and freedom and joy in that place of rest,
And I will direct all your paths and the way that you should go,
And in that place of rest, you in me will really start to grow.”

 Love from Jesus

     Irene McGough 2007