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The power of testimony


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Here I am Lord

Dont tell them Jesus loves them until you are ready to love them too. By Steve Camp

The first thing we must show to people while evangelising is the Father's heart of God

People have heard the hell fire preaching, often preached without love or mercy for many a year but they need to know about the God who wants to heal their whole person making them whole and not wanting them to go to that lost eternity in hell. Folks need to know the Father's heart of God they need to know that he cares, wants to heal them is interested in their needs at the present moment, and he wants to give them life in all it's fullness.We need to introduce folk out there to our God, some have heard so much about the law and are stuck in traditions of fear, but they don't know Jesus. IT'S TIME FOR US TO INTRODUCE THEM TO OUR BEST FRIEND.  We preach repentance but firstly we want people to know that God loves them. True conversion means a change of direction, a heart being changed, for we are called to go and make disciples, to have people turn their lives over to Jesus.

   We should be able to speak to the beggar on the street, the drug addict, the prostitute the same way we talk to business men and women, for they are all in need of our Saviour.


Preparation of our own hearts is so important prior to going out, we need to spend time with Jesus, we need to submit to His authority and listen to the Spirit's prompting. We need to confess our sins and ask the Lord to purify us also if we are going to be effective while evangelizing.We should ask the Lord to help us see people as He sees them.


     It is the Holy Spirit who convicts, show the people out there that you really care.

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