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The Visual Word Series - Video of Healing Scriptures


Scriptures for encouragement



God has loved you since before time began,
The designer of all things had a great plan,
He had a plan to bring salvation to man,
The day you were reborn even the angels sang.

Rejoicing  that day took place in heaven,
For you found Father and restoration,
It was a gift of love, grace and mercy freely given,
When the blood of Jesus washed you clean.

Like any good Father God gives good gifts to you,
But that does not mean he does not discipline,
The Christian life is a training ground for you,
Our Father instructs you to come away and learn of Him.

You are his child and you don't have all the answers,
But you know the one who has all the answers,
So spend time in the Word learning of Him,
And in prayer, and also  to his voice listening.

As you grow in wisdom and knowledge you can see,
Without a shadow of doubt he has been faithful to you,
Even when your faith is weak he comes through for you,
Even if you have momentarily turned away, he has always been with you.

So even in the biggest difficulties of this life you need not fear,
For your Lord and your God is always, always near,
He said to cry out to Him in times of trouble and he will rescue you,
So you need not worry, you need not fear though all may seem at sea.

For our God is able to do things thought impossible,
And you will bear witness in your life that he has done the incredible,
He is turning  bad situations around and wants to bless you,
He wants you to know life in abundance too.

You are dearly loved, and so precious in his sight,
Today he wants you to come in faith and view him aright,
Rid yourself of all false perceptions and commit all over to him,
For he wants you to come in faith believing that with Jesus you will win.

Flee from any sin of unbelief in your heart,
Today is a new day, so make a new start,
You can trust in the Lord with your whole heart,
Now and forever your life can be for him set apart.

For He loved you from before time began,
He even designed for you salvation's plan,
The day you came to Jesus the angels rejoiced,
On that wonderful day you were by Father adopted.

He is a good Father who loves you,
He wants to lavish good gifts on you,
Whose report will you believe, the enemies lies?
Or will you believe God will prosper and not harm?

There is no need for you to live in fear,
Let today's troubles be sufficient, no worrying about tomorrow,
You will not be anxious because the Lord you know,
Has all things under his control so have no fear.



Irene McGough ©2011   





 “My child, come and cast your cares upon me,

Take my yoke upon you, and learn of me,

Cast your burdens down at the foot of the cross,

I want to bring you into my rest, no need for toil.


 I want you to incline your ear and listen to my voice,

Stop now and listen, learn to recognize my voice,

Child you keep going back to striving, busy doing,

Yet it should be the rest I give, you should be pursuing.


 Don’t you see that in your weakness I give you strength?

Child lean on me and you will do all things in my strength,

For it was I who sent the Holy Spirit to empower you.

Call upon me in your hour of need and I will hearken unto you.


 Trust in me, put your faith in me in all things to enter my rest.

It’s time to stop wavering when you are put to the test,

My dear child I see your heart and I see that it’s me you love,

I want you to rest in my presence and let me pour out my love.


 Every tear I will wipe away, every hurt will be healed,

Approach my throne of grace in this your hour of need,

Repent and turn away from all that hinders perfect communion,

My arms are open wide and I long for that sweet communion.


 Don’t look for the applause of men, rather fix your eyes on me,

Put no confidence in your flesh but rely totally on me,

Give your all to me, walk my way, serve me with your whole being,

And you will know a joy and a rest which you have not yet seen.


 I am jealous for your time, I know child that you long after me,

You can be so busy trying to show others my love you lose sight of me,

Yet to show my love you need that precious time with me.

Look to me daily to help you win the race and learn to rest in me.


 Because you can run with me from the place of rest that I give,

I will give you my strength to empower you for service,

In my place of rest all your works will have fully ceased

And you will discover what it is from striving to be released.


 So my child it is time for you to enter fully into my rest,

There is liberty and freedom and joy in that place of rest,

And I will direct all your paths and the way that you should go,

And in that place of rest, you in me will really start to grow.”


 Love from Jesus