Where He leads us we will follow



Blood was shed throughout this land,
The blood of the Covenanters spilt for our sake,
They desired to see God be established as King of Scotland,
For this purpose they were prepared to be burnt at stake.

What would they think of the church of today?
Where many have forgotten to watch and pray,
Messages watered down by compromising preachers,
Many churches today only want to be friendly to seekers.

Two thousand years ago blood was shed,
As on that cross our Saviour died,
And the blood of the martyrs throughout the ages,
Shed that we might proclaim the Gospel message.

Where is the fire of God that gripped the Covenanters?
Where is the boldness and courageousness?
Religious tradition doesn’t cut it at all,
Relationship with God alone prevents our fall.

Do we know what we have in God’s precious Word?
Does the church of today spend time in the study of the Word?
Yet the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst men,
That sinful men and women such as us might be forgiven.

It is time for this nation to come to repentance,
This needs to start with a cleansing within us, the church,
For if we really want to see God move in Scotland,
For the truth of the Gospel we must take our stand.

We are meant to be a people, who are Spirit led,
Not by might or power but by the Spirit of the Lord,
It’s time for us to ourselves die a death,
And be ready to follow Jesus even unto death.

The message of the Gospel we must spread,
The Lord looks at you and I and says,
“Who will go for me, who will rise up in this hour?”
When we say yes to Him He will blessings shower.

For our God is a God of covenant and promises,
His covenantal blessings He extends to the righteous,
Blood washed sinners walking in obedience,
“Cleanse us Father that we might walk in holiness.

Let the church of God arise and for you take a stand,
May we put to death apathy in the church in this land,
Come and let us crown you as King of this nation,
We thank you that in turn you desire to bring healing to our nation.”

Irene McGough © 2009