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Trusting in the Lord our God

Posted on August 10, 2010 at 7:03 PM


There is a word that has gripped me with fear,

A word which I always dreaded to hear,

The doctor said “Your husband has cancer in his kidney,”

That dreaded moment that could have filled me with dismay.

But my trust is in the Lord my God,

He is not the author of sickness or disease,

And I know the day of miracles has not ceased,

Highlighting the cancer found on routine MRI was all of God.

God does not fail to deliver his promises,

He is not a man that withholds His goodness,

Our God cannot act contrary to His nature,

And He has amazing plans for my husband’s future.

This is not an easy time a date for surgery has been given,

We are still placing our trust in the God of heaven,

Believing still my husband from cancer will be free,

For God says “I am the Lord that healeth thee.”

So at this time leading up to surgery next week,

We place our trust in Him and his face we will seek,

We are blessed with wonderful doctors today of that there is no doubt,

But the greatest physician of all is still healing today, His name is Jesus.

God guides the hands of surgeons and this he will do,

And God will send his angels to protect my husband too,

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they commence with surgery and find no tumour there?

Because God has miraculously intervened making the surgeons God aware.

In this time and in this hour we take all our thoughts captive,

Knowing God has promised Raymond a long life to live,

We believe great things of the Lord our God, we place our trust in Him,

Where else can we run in hour of need if not to Him?

We will fix our eyes on our precious Lord and Saviour,

His arms surround us supporting us with His love and care,

He is the one who holds all our tomorrows and there are many more,

We are so thankful to Him for his mercy and favour.

God has told us to speak to mountains,

And to this cancer we have spoken,

We have told it to go with Kingdom authority,

For there is power in the name of Jesus.

For by His stripes we are healed,

We place our trust in the Lord our God,

No eye has seen, No ear has heard,

What the Lord has proposed for those who love Him.

We trust in Him, we place our trust in Him.

Our God is good all the time, give praise to His Name,

Praising him now and always, for he deserves all our praise,

His word is yae and amen, He keeps His promises.

In God we place our trust................

IreneMcGough ©10/8/2010

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