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Daily challenges from the Word of God by Raymond McGough

Posted on October 17, 2010 at 11:11 AM



Ephesians5:3 we looked at the word uncleanness and what Paul the apostle understood it to be. After looking at it we were challenged by it and still are being challenged. Now we turn to the word covetousness. For the apostle to use this word towards the saints in Ephesus must have meant they or a number of them were guilty of this. None of us are free from this in the sense of what thought patterns proceed through our intellect. Something you and I cannot control only God the Holy Spirit can help us to overcome this iniquity.

To want something that is not yours and belongs to someone else. To covet. Desire and want that which is not yours. Coveting the gifts of the Holy Spirit seen in others. Our brothers and sisters belonging to the Lord. Gifts of the Holy Spirit comes from God but we can covet them for ourselves because it makes us look good in the eyes of men

You have no idea how much of this goes on in the church of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we must guard our hearts against it with the help of the blessed Holy Spirit. No graven image must come before Him. A hard challenge but with God’s help you and I will overcome this.

We must remind ourselves that the gifts of the Holy Spirit are to edify, and bring the body of Christ together. His church as one. As He and his Father is one with the Holy Spirit. To give the one triune God our Lord praise ,honour,and glory,

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