Where He leads us we will follow

By way of introduction

    We have three grown up children Ian, Lynsey and Paul and now two grandchildren Sophie and Joe and we live near Glasgow in Scotland.

     In 1978 we met at Bible College- the Bible training Institute, Glasgow where we were both studying. Mind you the college was nicknamed as a Bridal Training Institute. 

    Both of us have been Christians for over fifty years, and we would like to be able to tell you that we left College and went from strength to strength but although both of us were born again and had an initial experience of the Holy Spirit we didn't move on as we should have in the things of God. In many ways our understanding was limited, we were afraid to step right out in faith, particularly since we had 3 young children within 5 years.  By then Raymond was a Pastoral Deacon in a Baptist Church, preaching and teaching plus acting assistant pastor while working in the Insurance Industry and I was in part time nursing. In the late 90's Irene started to watch Joyce Meyer and Catch the Fire broadcasts on Television and we both ended up challenged by the Holy Spirit, we moved into a small Independent Pentecostal Church as part of the leadership, but after a while God took us on a journey to discover more of Him by laying down our positions and joining Glasgow Elim Church where we learned so much more of the Father's Heart of God and we were able to soak in the Lord's Presence learning more of Him, drawing us closer to Him.   We then became involved in helping to lead the weekly evangelistic outreach team. In 2011 shortly before Easter we came in touch with the Slovak Community in Govanhill and God moved us on to a work amongst the Slovak immigrants taking church to about 70 people at one point in five different households and taking the Gospel to others. We know a little Slovak now but knew none at the beginning of this work, teenagers often had to translate for us.  However many moved down south for work and few are left in the Glasgow area. A number made professions of faith and we saw a number healed along the way.  Pray for us as we are currently seeking direction for the future. We are still in touch with the Slovaks in and around Glasgow and a number further afield  They are all over the Glasgow area and widely dispersed, so we see them less but share messages and chat via the internet.