Where He leads us we will follow








Seeking you in the morning hour

Psa_143:8  Cause me to hear thy lovingkindness in the morning; for in thee do I trust: cause me to know the way wherein I should walk; for I lift up my soul unto thee.



Awaken love afresh in me in the morning hour,

As I commit my day to you Lord,

Giving thanks and praise for the blessings you do shower,

And you lead and direct my paths as I study your Word.

Early will I seek you, and praying regularly throughout the day,

For in your sweet presence I must stay,

I give thanks dear Lord for your great mercy,

Your lovingkindness poured out on me.

I thank you Lord for the wonder of my salvation,

The blood of Jesus has covered my sins,

Forgiven now and destined for heaven,

The Holy Spirit bearing witness within.

Spirit lead me into all truth,

I ask today for the God kind of wisdom,

Help me today to bear precious fruit,

May I play my part well in furthering your Kingdom.

Lord, I pray guard my tongue this day,

May the words I speak be words of life,

Don't let me speak forth words of negativity,

For in you and through you I have abundant life.

I thank you Lord that my family are in the palm of your hands,

I pray that they will build their house on the rock and not the sand,

May they all encounter you in a real way,

And start to live for you each day.

I pray for divine appointments, lead me to seekers,

And may they come to know you as Lord and Saviour,

Help me to be an encouragement to others in their walk,

I want to shine for you Jesus not just be all talk.

So Lord I come before you at the start of another day,

Committing my day unto you,

May I walk by faith and not by sight,

Walking the walk of the upright.

May I hear your voice clearly, 

Open my ears wide open today,

And may I walk in obedience to you today,

With your angels protecting me I'll not walk in fear.

Lord, I ask you also to help me to intercede,

Lay upon my heart those who are in need,

Show me what to pray for them,

Lord, I pray for a greater revelation of you for all my friends.

Also Lord I ask once again that you give me your heart,

That I may that 'Agape' kind of love to others impart,

More of you and less of me, I want to be like you,

My desire is that people don't see me, but see you.

I've a long way to go and that I recognize,

But I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me,

I want to run the race well and gain the prize,

With the precious Holy Spirit empowering me.

In Jesus Precious Name I ask this,





The Lord said to me “Are you a God pleaser?

Or are you a people pleaser?

I answered “Lord you know it is you I want to please,

My love for you Lord will never cease.”


He said “You need to humble yourself and bow the knee,

A  proud  and arrogant spirit has no part of me.”

I said “ Lord, break me, melt me, mould me,

Help me Lord to truly bend the knee.”


He said “Are you prepared to give me your all?

When you hold back from me you bring about another fall.”

I answered “ Lord take all of me,

Take every part of me.”


He said “It was for you that I died,

To yourself you must surely die.”

I answered “I will take up my cross and follow you,

I so want to die to my flesh now. “


He said “Will you love me with your whole heart?

In all things will you put me first.”

I said “Lord I love you I give you my heart,

For you dear Lord I hunger and thirst.”


He said “Are you willing to do my bidding?

Are you prepared to do whatsoever I ask?”

I answered “Lord I am willing,

I choose to whatever you give me as a task.”


He said “So you will go wherever I send you,

Even if it means going to the uttermost parts of the earth?”

I said “Lord where you send me I will go,

Even if it means most certain death.”


He said” Are you really sure about that?

Are you ready to withstand severe persecution?

I said “Lord all I know is I must be in the centre of your will,

I cannot pursue my own way any longer.


He said “Daily you must seek my face, spend time in the Word,

The Holy Spirit will empower you to do all that I ask of you.”

I said “I want to know you so much more Lord,

I will praise your Name, thank you for giving me your Spirit”


He said “I am so pleased that your heart is surrendered,

In heaven there was rejoicing when you surrendered all.”

I answered “Lord you have done so much for me, your name be praised,

How can I respond any other way but to answer my life’s call.”


He said “You have chosen the better path beloved,

Do you really know how much you are loved?”

I said “Lord I do have some understanding,

But I will spend my life at your feet learning.”


He said “Come closer I have so much I want to impart,

To you dear one, for you are for me set apart.”

I said “Thank you Lord I am not worthy of such grace,

I am so thankful that you see me as righteous in your eyes.”


He said “Now my dear one go and tell others,

Share with them the love of my Father.”

I said “Yes Lord I want the world to know of your love,

Your grace and mercy, and the cleansing power of your blood.”


He said “I want you also to help others in their journey with me,

Let your life be a living example of how to live for me.”

I said. “Lord I know I cannot do this in my own strength,

Keep filling me up afresh with the Holy Spirit I pray.”


He said “I need you to keep your mind pure,

Whatever is good, pure and holy fill your mind with those things.”

I said “Lord create in me a pure heart,

Set me ablaze with your fire, desiring only you, keep me from sin.”


He said “Be like Solomon and seek my kind of wisdom,

Come to me seeking revelatory knowledge.”

I answered “Oh yes Lord, I want your kind of wisdom

Yes indeed Lord I want more revelation knowledge.”


He said “Take the full gospel out to the lost, set the captives free,

Heal the sick in my name and you will see even demons flee.”

 I said “Lord I am going to walk in faith,

For I know you will fulfil the promises as your Word saith.”


He said “You have been given faith beyond measure,

Because you count me as your greatest treasure.”

I said “Thank you, thank you Lord, forever I will give you praise,

I will serve you dear Lord Jesus the length of my days.”


I am that I am



 I am that I am forever and forever unchanged,

I am He, who has been by many rejected,

When you gaze upon the stars I am revealed,

And the beauty of nature intricately designed.


 How can men made in my image deny me?

For I surely do love them each and every one,

Because of this love I sent Jesus for you to die,

That you my dear children might be restored to me.


 My desire has always been for you to walk with me,

To draw close to me, walking in perfect harmony,

But I wanted you to choose to love me and follow me,

I did not want puppets upon a string, under my control.


 So choosing me had to be of your own volition,

The choice between good and evil was given to man,

And satan came along and tempted the woman,

Then in the Garden of Eden mankind did surely sin.


 So I sent my one and only Son, Jesus the Messiah,

And he gave his life for you that you might be saved,

That the whole of eternity with Him you might spend,

The blood he shed was to cleanse you from sin, Hallelujah!


 So what will be your choice today, my dear children?

I am calling you out to make a stand for me in this generation,

I have always loved you, My love for you has never wavered,

 Come to Jesus, repent of your sins and you will be saved.



 Love from Father.




 Children, those dear children how I love them,

My heart breaks to see little ones crying,

How I long for my people to intercede for them,

Come see what I see in that child who is lying.


 I see the fatherless child, desperately seeking a daddy,

I see the abused child, lying huddled in a corner crying,

Others have parents drinking, taking drugs and squabbling,

And how I long for them to know me as their Heavenly Daddy.


 I see the orphan child never really knowing a place called home,

Do you know that I want them to know heaven as their future home?

I want you my people to care like I care, to make a difference,

Each of you can do something that can start to change things.


 I want you to feel something of my heart for those little ones,

Do you know that you can prevail in prayer for them?

I do not want them to follow on in a generational cycle of wrongs,

Come my child, I will wipe away your tears is my cry to them.


 So my people I want you to care like I care and see what I see,

That you in turn might play your part in directing those children to me,

Children all over the world are so dear to my heart,

It is time for you my people to get involved and play your part.


 Love from Father.


Irene McGough 2008

Sweet communion



 The bread and wine are set before us,

 As we gather to worship the Lord Jesus,

 This is no ritual without a meaning,

  It is even more than merely remembering.


 Jesus said “This do in remembrance of me.”

 But there is clearly more He wants us to see.

 For the one we behold is indeed the bread of life,

 And the bread is feeding our souls with health and life.


 Then we come to the wine knowing there is life in the blood,

 For that blood washed away our sins in a cleansing flood,

 And we come with thanksgiving and praise in our hearts,

  In deep reverence and awe we come in one accord.


 Thanking the One who is the true life giver,

 The One who we will throughout eternity live with,

 Who shed His blood on a cruel cross that we might be saved,

  Through that same blood we are healed, saved and delivered.


  For there is power in the blood, full resurrection power,

  We must never forget the magnitude of that wonderful power,

   Words are unable to express the depth of our gratitude,

   For while we were dead in our sins Christ came and he died.


And he has given us a hope that is certain and sure,

 That when we give our lives to the only one who is pure,

 We have a glorious heritage as sons and daughters of the King,

 So throughout eternity his praises we with the angels will sing.


  And now as we take the bread and the wine let us rightly discern,

  Just what we are doing and come humbly seeking new revelation,

   Our Lord and Saviour left heaven’s glory, a sacrificial offering to be,

   And the wonder of it all was that he done it all for such as you and me.


 So we will continue to come together partaking of the bread and wine,

 Until that day we with the saints from down through the ages dine,

  When we the bride, meet with our dear bridegroom at our wedding feast,

  And we look upon the glory of his countenance and fall at his feet.


 Even so come Lord Jesus…………….




Irene McGough 2008

Sweet intimacy


Sweet Intimacy

How he wants me to come closer,
He says "Come on up a little higher,"
I love each little touch from Him,
Each sweet caress from my King.

Through Him I breathe, and have my being,
And He has called me to spend eternity reigning,
All eternity I will spend at His side,
For now I am part of His Precious bride,

And oh the joy that fills my heart,
Forever I have been set apart,
And I love Him so much more,
Than I thought was possible before.

For He saw that He was my greatest desire,
And He came and baptized me with fire,
And I know there is so much more,
For all He does is on me His love pour.

How simply amazing is that?
That He should love me as He does,
Oh the joy deep down in my heart,
In Him I place my faith and trust.

I love Jesus and I love his sweet caress,
Whatever comes my way I know I can rest,
For He has given me a peace and joy that's unshakable,
And I know that in all things my Lord is totally able.

And He takes me into the secret place,
And I go seeking to see Him face to face,
And He is so beautiful and majestically wonderful to me.
So now the desire of my heart is now to help others see.

He says to me " Go tell others about me,
Tell them that they can come to really know me,
I want them to know that I so love them too,
And I want them to come and embrace me too."

Irene McGough 2008






He who alone was totally righteous,

Knew the dreadful agony of true loneliness,

For His Father could not look upon the sin,

So here He was for my sake the sacrificial offering.


He created the wood, upon which He hung,

Those for whom He was dying jeering insults flung,

He came into this world, knowing what He would endure,

But it called for a sacrifice of the only one who was pure.


My Saviour left behind heaven’s glory for me to die,

And as I look upon that cross floods of tears I cry,

It was to take away my sin and shame that His blood was shed,

The pain He suffered there was excruciating as for me He bled.


It was love, grace and mercy that took Him there,

Nailed to that cross for one such as me, a sinner,

If I had been the only one He would have done it all for me,

His heart was filled with love and compassion for me.


The grave could not hold Him and He rose again,

Triumphant over the power of death and the grave,

Yes it was for me that He had suffered rejection,

For me whom He loved so much and came to save.


And because He gave me that free gift of salvation,

Abba Father and I have gone through reconciliation ,

He has called me His child and now I belong to His Family,

And I know that with Him I will spend all eternity.



Irene McGough 2008







 I am a believer and a soldier in the army of God ,

To spread the good news my feet are with gospel shoes shod,

Upon my head I wear my helmet of salvation for all to see,

For I know with assurance that I am saved and set free.


 This armour the Lord has given me is thick and battle worn,

But after many years of use it is now mighty and strong,

The enemy may come trying to bring me down,

A defeated foe because Christ has gone before me and already won.


 So because Jesus shed his blood I, my breastplate of righteousness adorn,

For holiness and walking  in righteousness is my longing,

And I need not worry though I am surrounded on all fronts,

For Satan has already been defeated and Jesus the victory has won.


 Around my waist I wear this beautiful strong belt of truth,

Not compromising, I will proclaim that Jesus is the way, the life and the truth,

And when I go into battle I am protected by my huge shield of faith,

I will not be beaten by attacks in the spiritual realm or from the human race.


 I have the  Spirit who empowers me so I need not walk in fear.

 I shall walk in might and power protected by heavy armour gear,

I will keep my armour intact and be sure to carry my sword,

The Holy Spirit himself wields this sword which is God’s Word.


 So I will pray at all times staying in touch with the battle commander,

For I need to be alert and watchful and in prayer persevere,

Interceding and upholding my brothers and sisters in prayer,

That they with me will keep fully intact their battle gear.


 For when the army are fully united in the task in front of them,

Together we will function as the King’s men,

And together every foe, every enemy we will defeat,

For with one purpose we have learned at our Commander’s feet.


 So as of now I am staying alert in prayer keeping my armour intact,

For I desire to walk boldly in righteousness and that’s a fact,

I will listen to the voice of my Commander and obey his commands,

I will follow the cloud by day and the fire by night and stay standing.


 Irene McGough 2008





 We will call upon the name of the Lord today,

 For he has called us to  humble ourselves and pray,

He wants us to come away with him into the secret place,

For he desires that we will surely seek his face.


 Our dear Lord has given us a wonderful promise,

 If we do this as he has asked us His people to do,

He will bring healing and restoration to our nations,

So, let’s turn our eyes around, focussing on Him anew.


 For he alone is worthy of all praise, honour and glory,

We waste time with pointless, useless pursuits,

Precious time he has given to us and that’s another story,

He’s calling out to us “My people I long to be the object of your pursuit.”


 So will we get it right and humble ourselves and pray,

Or is so important to us to always have the last word to say?

Part of praying is stopping and listening to his voice,

How he longs for us to make spending time with him our first choice.


 Irene McGough 2008





 Lord , you know I love to dance with you,

But sometimes I forget that you guide that dance,

So dear Lord I ask you to guide all my footsteps,

So I will not run ahead or lag behind your steps.


 Let my heart beat with your heartbeat,

Teach me to walk fully in your ways,

Help me to spend time sitting at your feet,

“I want to know so much more of you” I pray.


 So Lord let me remember that word guidance,

That I might keep in step following the Lord of the dance,

Guide my steps, that I might live for you alone,

Keep me walking in step with you and don’t let me roam.


 Irene McGough 2008





Hallelujah! How wonderful Jesus is risen,

What joy Christ the Lord is alive and living,

For he won the victory over death and the grave,

That resurrection power might be known to us the saved.


He asked us to take up our cross and follow Him,

Not promise of an easy road we enter sufferings with Him,

But even in death for us the redeemed, where is the sting?

Eternity we will spend with the one who has washed away our sins.


When we think of that empty tomb and that stone rolled away,

We stand amazed when reflecting on what it took to wash our sins away,

There was nothing could cleanse us except the shedding of His blood,

It was all for us that Jesus our Lord and Saviour suffered and bled.


And we know that today He sits at His Father’s right hand,

Interceding for us that we might in love and unity stand,

Being drawn ever closer unto Him that we might behold His glory,

And walk throughout life, in resurrection power and victory.


Hallelujah, Jesus is risen,

He is risen indeed.!


Irene McGough 2008

The cost

Contemplating today on this

Isa 52:14  Many were horrified at what happened to him. But everyone who saw him was even more horrified because he suffered until he no longer looked human. CEV


None of us can really conceive what it cost Him,
Our Lord was beyond recognition as he hung there,
Disfigured, bruised, beaten and bleeding,
Suffering an agonising death; that is beyond compare.

He did it for you and He did it for me,
It was love that nailed Him to that tree,
Love for those who crucified Him on that day,
Love for all men, women and children in this world today.

Look closely now, can you see Him hanging there?
Gashes deep, blood pouring; He is dying for you and me,
The crowds jeered and mocked, as he hung almost bare,
Huge nails hammered through his hands and feet.

 Large thorns digging right into our Lord’s skull,
Agonising pain, excruciating pain was what He bore,
The sinless spotless Son of God was obedient in full,
The perfect advocate’s thoughts were on forgiveness for all.

He paved the way for all mankind everywhere to be saved,
It was to wash away our sins He suffered bled and died,
Salvation is a merciful gift to all freely offered,
When we confess our sins, and He is our Lord, to the Father we are reconciled.



Irene McGough © 2010

  This is our Lord and yet He could barely be recognised as having humanity as he died there for us.



Sweet Intimacy

How he wants me to come closer,
He says "Come on up a little higher,"
I love each little touch from Him,
Each sweet caress from my King.

Through Him I breathe, and have my being,
And He has called me to spend eternity reigning,
All eternity I will spend at His side,
For now I am part of His Precious bride,

And oh the joy that fills my heart,
Forever I have been set apart,
And I love Him so much more,
Than I thought was possible before.

For He saw that He was greatest desire,
And He came and baptized me with fire,
And I know there is so much more,
For all He does is on me His love pour.

How simply amazing is that?
That He should love me as He does,
Oh the joy deep down in my heart,
In Him I place my faith and trust.

I love Jesus and I love his sweet caress,
Whatever comes my way I know I can rest,
For He has given me a peace and joy that's unshakable,
And I know that in all things my Lord is totally able.

And He takes me into the secret place,
And I go seeking to see Him face to face,
And He is so beautiful and majestically wonderful to me.
So now the desire of my heart is now to help others see.

He says to me " Go tell others about me,
Tell them that they can come to really know me,
I want them to know that I so love them too,
And I want them to come and embrace me too."

Irene McGough 2008






Lord, Let your Kingdom truly come,
Let your will really be done,
Raise us up as Mighty warriors,
Boldly proclaiming the name of our Saviour.

Break through all that would hinder,
Let us hear your voice like roaring thunder,
Spirit of God come fall on us this day,
Revive our hearts Lord have your way.

Irene McGough  © 12.30pm 1st Jan, 2008





I’m coming up higher, coming up closer to you Lord,
As a deer pants for the water so my soul thirsts for you.
This one thing I seek forever to dwell in your presence Lord,
And I will enter the secret place to be alone with you.

Just one glimpse of your face, is what I long for,
My majestic, wonderful, marvellous glorious King,
Holy, Holy are you Lord and your praises I will sing,
Holy Spirit.reveal more to me as I read your precious Word.

Lord I seek your face and I’m after your heart,
Break me, melt me, mould me and change my heart,
Refiners fire come and purify my entire being,
Help me to increase in knowledge and understanding.

Because He rose, I will rise up as a Mighty Warrior,
The battle is won; the victory is yours my dear Saviour,
I will press on to the heavenly calling, fixing my eyes on you,
And I will listen to your voice and walk with you.

I can no longer walk, except in your righteousness,
For I have beheld something of your glory my King,
So let me die totally to self, my life an offering I bring,
For I am bought with a price, now my life you possess.

Irene  McGough
© 2008.





Now that we have entered into the year two thousand and eight,

The prophets say it’s time for the people of God to go through the gate,

This gate takes us into the fullness of Kingdom reality,

We are entering into a new season, the place of defeat is history.


 The Lord is calling us as Warriors, who will take the Kingdom by force,

The enemy may attack but we will stay strong and steady on our course,

To see the full power of the gospel of the Kingdom invade this earth,

May the glory of God so invade earth, in height; depth and breadth.


 This gate that’s open wide is also a broadening of the way into God’s Kingdom,

And during this year we will see many captives receiving their freedom,

For the Lord Jesus Christ Himself is the way the truth and the life,

His blood was shed that in repentance they might come through the gate into life.


 We need to pass right on in through the gate and press on in to the inner courts,

For if we really want to tabernacle with Him we have to reach the Holy of Holies,

The Kingdom’s gate is open for us to come up higher, to seek His Face,

And for this we must spend time alone with Him in the Secret Place.


 His sweet presence is the key to the gate beloved, don’t you see?

For us to violently take the Kingdom we must see it’s not about you and me.

Jesus said we shall be witnesses and see people healed in body mind and spirit,

And for us to see this we must go forth empowered by the Holy Spirit.



 Irene McGough © January 2008





Come, Precious Holy Spirit,

For I can feel it in my spirit,

And I can feel it in my bones,

These latter day rains pouring down,


And springs of living water are bursting forth,

The church is awakening like Lazarus to come forth,

And the people of God are going to raise a standard,

As we move in power as a mighty army through this land.


And the fire of Pentecost will set the people free,

As a mighty revival comes like never before seen,

And we will carry the flame touching the hearts of all,

As we say yes to Jesus and answer His call.


And many hospital beds will be emptied as healing flows,

For as the mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit comes,

Blind eyes opened and the deaf will hear wherever we go,

As God raises fireballs who for Him are ready to go.


And people in high places will come and bow the knee,

As they come to the foot of the cross and Jesus see,

And the voice of God will come as a roaring thunder,

The angels will rejoice as Christians stand amazed in wonder.


Irene McGough  ©  2008






 “Church arise like Lazarus I am calling you forth and raising you up,

Your past is behind you, can’t you see my dear children, I have forgiven you,

As far as the east is from the west your transgressions are removed from you,

My son’s blood has set you all free to soar and the only way is up.


 So come my children and walk with me you are mighty warriors you know,

Yesterday is gone and when you hear my voice you will be ready to go,

Can’t you see my dear children,  the victory is already fully won.

For you my beloved children will overcome by the blood of Jesus my Son.


 You are not only forgiven sinners you are victorious saints,

And you will rise up now and you will walk and not faint,

For I am here with you to help you to win life’s race.

So step out into the unknown, and I will increase your faith.


 I have some wonderful plans ahead for you can’t you see,

From this day forth you will listen to my voice and hear me,

You will walk hand in hand with me for the sake of my Kingdom,

You will step into the miraculous and see many find freedom.”


 Love your Heavenly Father


 As Father gave me the words for us the church today.   Irene McGough © 27/01/08


LOOK INTO THE MIRROR (For daughters of the King of Kings)


LOOK INTO THE MIRROR (For daughters of the King of Kings)

Look into the mirror and what do you see?
You are wonderfully and perfectly made can't you see?
For in the image of God you were created dear child,
You are beautiful, so please do not hide.

God knew you before you were even conceived.
And even the hairs on your head were numbered,
He sees you and says "This is my son's lovely bride,
Look and see what I see my beautiful child.

So come out of Hiding I love the real you,
And I know my dear that you love me too,
Lift your head high my sweet princess,
For you are a child of the King of Kings."

Irene McGough
©  2008




INVITATION TO A WEDDING   (the Wedding Feast of the Lamb)


 My dear friend


 Hello there, I want to extend an invitation personally to you,

I am so excited and looking forward to my Wedding Day,

That day is coming soon and I would love for you to be there too,

Come and follow me and throughout eternity with me you will stay.


 For I am so longing for you to come running into my arms,

My arms are opened wide and I am calling out your name,

Come to me I want you to be part of the true church, my bride,

Dear one, this world has no answers, come and in me abide.


 I loved you so much that I came and died on the cross for you,

And now I’m longing for the day you will say” I love you too,”

This wedding feast will be like no party you have ever seen,

Come to me and you will be happier than you have ever been.


 Dear friend I am looking forward with anticipation for your reply,

Repent of your sins and I will remember them no more,

And all heaven will be rejoicing as I will be throwing a party.

I will prepare a mansion just for you as part of the bride I adore.


 People from every tribe and nation have answered my call,

They have said yes to me and they have surrendered their all,

I want to pour my love upon you and give you real peace,

This love I have for you my friend will never ever cease.





Irene McGough  2008




Jesus Is my Lord and Saviour,
He is the one who I adore,
And he gave his life for me,
That I might eternal life see.

Love , Grace and Mercy He poured out,
So eternally His praises i will shout,
He has given to me assurance of salvation
And now i know that I am a new creation.

The Lord Jesus Christ is my best friend,
I will be with Him beyond life's journey's end,
And I will live my life in service of Him,
For my cup of joy overflows it's brim.

For I have Jesus to take every care to,
He knows my needs and provides for me too,
Yesterday, today, forever Jesus is the same,
Blessed be his glorious wonderful Name.

My Jesus has made me so completely whole,
He came into my life and filled a big hole,
Physically, emotionally, financially He heals,
Praise God I am His and carry His seal.

Irene McGough© 2008





I want to dwell in the secret place of the most High,                                                            

And I long to live under the shadow of the Almighty.

My Lord is my refuge and my fortress, I trust in Him,

He is my deliverer and my healer, there is none like Him.


He protects me under the shadow of  His Wings,

Of  His truth and His faithfulness I will sing,

I will not be afraid of the terror of the night

Nor any harm by day for I will keep Him in my sight.


I shall not live in fear of sickness, disease or even death,

For though many fall by my side, to my right or my left,

I will stay strong in the knowledge that my God protects,

I praise you Lord for you are my refuge and strength.


I will spend my days dwelling in the secret place with You,

No evil will fall on me, nor will calamity come near me.

I can rest in the knowledge that your angels protect me too,

And because of Jesus I can trample all things under my feet.



I long after you with passionate love, thank you for saving me,

Forever I will praise your name, the one who first loved me,

When I call upon you; you answer each and every prayer,

I go through life’ s trials with confidence that you are there.


And you will raise me up and take me out of the miry clay,

You are my deliverer and I will serve you all of my days,

With a long fulfilled life, will I be satisfied, living for you ,  

For you have saved my soul, setting me free to dance with you.


Irene McGough © 2008





I came to you Lord in hunger and thirst, seeking only you,

And you came and revived my heart once more,

You kindled a new fire burning strongly for you,

That I might totally die to myself forever more.


You said that I must now surrender my all,

For holding back only brings about another fall,

I must walk hand in hand with you all of my days,

Dwelling in your sweet presence is where I want to stay.


I am your sheep and I will listen to your voice,

And what you say I will do from this day forth,

Serving you with my whole life, in you I will rejoice,

You have a path set before me and I will follow the course.



You made me with a purpose, to fulfil my destiny,

Part of my call is to share with others my testimony,

To proclaim the Gospel of your Kingdom to those far and near,

For unless someone tells them, how will the lost your Word hear?


I shed tears for the hurting Lord, but I want to care like you care,

And I know the love you have for the lost is love beyond compare,

Lord I truly want revelation of your heart, to love like you love,

That I might impart the kind of love to others that comes from above.




Irene McGough  © 2008


To a dear child of God



It doesn't matter what you feel right now, God is there.
Be assured that He really cares,
And His love for you is far beyond compare,
So come to the mercy seat and leave your burdens there.

Every tear you shed he will wipe away,
Run into His arms and in them stay,
He says " Come and you will find rest,
For I want you to know life at best"

"Come as a little child into daddy's arms,
For here in my presence you will come to no harm,
My precious child how I long to lavish love upon you,
I want you to know my peace and fresh joy too.”

Irene McGough
© 16th February,2008


For the bereaved





The Lord will bless and comfort you as you mourn,

In sadness there is joy for your loved one was reborn,

Now he is absent from his body for Jesus called him home,

For life’s race he won and the Lord said “It’s your time to come.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Come see Jesus standing with his arms open wide.

He beckoned to him “Come home my child,

I will show you the biggest party you have ever seen;

You will be so much happier than you have ever been.


 I came to give you  everlasting  life,

There will be no more toiling and no more strife,

I am the shepherd who cares for His flock,

Come my child for you placed your feet upon the rock.


For you my child are part of my bride,

Come now and walk through eternity with me and in me abide,

Now is the time for you to enter real peace,

For my love for you my beloved will never cease.


My child I have seen your hurts, I saw your pain,

You are now totally healed and free to dance again,

Every tear, every hurt I have wiped away,

For you have come right home to dwell with me today."


Irene McGough 2008



Restore the foundations





The church needs to restore the foundations,

In humbleness and repentance we must come,

Allowing ourselves at His feet to be totally undone,

Then the Lord will bring healing to our nations.


He sees our proud hearts and voices displeasure,

Our ministries are not ours they belong to Him,

Seek after Him and we’ll be given joy beyond measure,

When we give Him our all, the Holy Spirit will fill us up to the brim.


 When we give our all over to the Lord He will give new revelation,

He will draw us into deeper places imparting wisdom and knowledge,

The people of God will move into their inheritance seeing restoration,

In service of their Lord and Master, their hearts they will pledge.


 For to give Him all the honour and all the glory in all they do or say,

Will be the deepest desire of their hearts each and every day,

And the Heavens will open as the glory of the Lord is revealed,

And the church will move in power seeing people set free and healed.




Irene McGough  © 2008

My dear child





 “Come and drink from the fountain of life,

Living waters are gushing forth bringing refreshment,

I want to give you such an abundant life,

You are thirsty child, come enter my tabernacle tent.


 Bring all your worries and concerns to me,

Your struggles and anxieties I can see,

And I long to give you rest and peace,

For my love for you will never ever cease.


 Come closer child, can’t you feel my sweet caress,

You have been through trials and out to the test,

Yet I have seen you praising in the midst of it all,

I have heard you crying out in the desert place and my Name call.


 Now I want to take you out of that dry and barren land,

And bring you right into the future I have planned,

I am your strong tower and I will give you strength,

Lean on me, rest in me and you will endure to the end.


 I want to give you beauty for ashes, my dear one,

That joy you once knew I want to restore,

But not only that I really want to give you more,

Every fear you have will be washed away and gone.


 So come now it is time for you to enter my rest,

Walk along with me and you will experience the best,

That this life has to offer for I have plans to prosper you,

You are sealed by me and I will not harm you.


 Come and enter right in to the land of milk and honey,

For in my presence my dear child I want you to stay,

I am in the business of refining you through fire,

For you dear one are part of the bride I desire.


 So come forth, rise up you are beautiful to me,

I want to lavish my love upon you can’t you see,

Cast your burdens down at the foot of the cross,

For I do not want you to suffer more loss.



You shall overcome for my blood for you was shed,

And now you will walk in victory as my Word said,

I want to assure you that I am your refuge and strength,

Keep your armour intact and stay in a position of strength.


 I will bless all that you do or say as you fulfil your destiny,

For I had a purpose and a plan for you laid out before time,

Even then I had ordained that you would be mine,

So won’t you just come into my arms and rest in me.”



 Love from Jesus




as he gave me those words ---Irene McGough 2008

Prayer for Israel



We who are Gentiles drafted in,
Need to remember God's chosen,
We who were once so far apart,
Have through Jesus been given a new start.

But we must remember to pray for Israel,
The nation right now are going through turmoil,
We who have been brought under the covenant of Abraham,
Must remember our Father promised them the Land.

Our brothers and sisters cry out at the Wailing wall,
For they Long to have access to the Holy of Holies,
The veil was rent in two so we have access to the Holy of Holies,
They know not that the Messiah has come so they stand at the wall.

Yet here we are now part of God's chosen,
And His people so often we have forgotten,
To uphold in prayer as we really should,
For this surely is something to which we've been called.

Senseless murders of God's people continue,
Lives cut short in their youth too,
And it's all done in the name of religion,
Persecution of God's chosen nation.

And do we cry out to God for Israel?
A people who are hurting and wailing at the wall,
For most do not know their sins can be forgiven,
And the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.

So won't you join me and pray for them today,
For the Lord would not want us in complacency to stay,
He wants us to cry out to Him for Israel,
And He wants to bring restoration to Israel.

So let's pray.

Irene McGough 2008




 When we look at the people around us,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             
We need to see through His eyes,

For we see people who seem abusive at best,

But His heart for them is to offer forgiveness.


He wants us to love like He loves,

He wants us to show compassion and love,

But sometimes we need to be healed of our hurts,

So that we in turn can help others who hurt.


In His image He created the people we meet,

Their image is fallen because of sin,

But He wants to bring them before His mercy seat,

And bring them into relationship with Him.


For Jesus died for all men everywhere,

And He wants them to see that He really cares,

And the people of God need to love like He loves,

For if we look through His eyes we learn to love.


Irene McGough  2008







 I’ve been walking along life’s journey for a long time now,

And I came to the crossroads and looked for the right way to go,

But I was confused as to which road was right for me to pursue,

Should I follow the broad road or the one which is narrow?


 My friends looked at the broad road and thought together we will go,

I was a pilgrim seeking something new so I chose the road that was narrow,

It meant going a lonely road and a big change in life’s direction,

But this narrow road meant finding Jesus Christ and salvation.


 For broad is the road that many will pursue but it leads to destruction,

And narrow is the road leading to eternal life and regeneration,

For although I am travelling on the lonely road that less pursue,

I never ever travel this journey alone for the Lord is with me too.


 I have a hope that is certain and sure, of eternity with my best friend.

And I know that I will go to be with Him when I reach life’s journeys end,

I need not worry and I need not fear for my Lord brings peace and joy,

No matter what comes at me along life’s journey, in him I rejoice.


 For he gave me a prize when I entered that narrow gate,

His blood washed my sins away, giving me a clean slate,

And he said “My dear child your sins are forgiven,

At the end of your journey you will find a new home in heaven.”


 So my friends if you are today seeking which direction to go,

The road I am travelling brings peace and joy I want you to know,

You may see a large crowd travelling along the broad road,

But pause and give thought, and come follow the narrow road.



 Irene McGough © 2008

For the occasion of your baptism by immersion





 What a precious day this is for you my friend,

Declaring to all present that you’ll serve Jesus to the end,

For in obedience you are following the Master’s call,

Testifying that from now on, you want to give Him your all.


 May the Holy Spirit fill you up to overflowing,

For you are declaring to all that you will live for God alone,

And as you go through the waters of baptism,

Your old life has gone and you are a new creature in Him


 So as you are immersed in the baptismal water,

May your heart start flowing with living waters,

And may you long for your Saviour with such desire,

That the Spirit baptizes you, also with fresh fire.


 And may you know the full joy of your salvation,

Adopted into God’s family you are now His relation,

Throughout the good times and life’s trials He will stay,

Right there beside you helping you, each and every day.



 So may your life from now on be a living testimony,

That Jesus is in your life and all else is history,

And may you go now from strength to strength,

Walking with the Lord Jesus throughout day’s length.


 Irene McGough  ©  2008.

For parents of a new baby boy


A Beautiful Gift from God

What a beautiful gift you have been given,                                                                                                                  

 A blessing indeed is this precious baby,

Forming him in his  mother’s womb was ordained in heaven,

And now you can cherish your beautiful baby.


 Our Saviour indeed showed children love and compassion,

He said “Suffer those little ones to come unto me,”

As Christians parents remember He has hands on your little one,

 And He will draw him unto Himself in time can’t you see.


 What a wonderful privilege you have been given,

Entrusted to you both by the God of heaven,

To bring him up showing him the Father’s love,

That he might through Jesus come to know the Father above.


 Now many prayers will be coming your way,

As your brothers and sisters support you and pray,

And God will send His angels to protect him too,

Your Father in heaven is there to instruct you.


 He will guide you and help you bring this child up,

So relax and enjoy this precious bundle of joy,

The Holy Spirit will anoint him with oil from His cup,

Those days with a precious baby boy are yours to enjoy.






 Irene McGough 2008

And for parents of a new baby girl

A Beautiful Gift from God

What a beautiful gift you have been given,
A blessing indeed is this precious baby,
Forming her in her mother’s womb was ordained in heaven,
And now you can cherish your beautiful baby.

Our Saviour indeed showed children love and compassion,
He said “Suffer those little ones to come unto me,”
As Christians parents remember He has hands on your little one,
And He will draw her unto Himself in time can’t you see.

What a wonderful privilege you have been given,
Entrusted to you both by the God of heaven,
To bring her up showing her the Father’s love,
That she might through Jesus come to know the Father above.

Now many prayers will be coming your way,
As your brothers and sisters support you and pray,
And God will send His angels to protect her too,
Your Father in heaven is there to instruct you.

He will guide you and help you bring this child up,
So relax and enjoy this precious bundle of joy,
The Holy Spirit will anoint her with oil from His cup,
Those days with a precious baby girl are yours to enjoy.





Holy, Holy, Holy,is the Son of Man,
Worthy, Worthy Worthy is the Lamb,
Let's give Him all the glory and all the praise,
For He alone is worthy, let us our hands raise..

For in the presence of the King of Kings,
There is a sweet fragrant essence,
See  the most beautiful glorious cloud of His Presence,
Fills this place, let us His praises sing.

Holy Holy Holy are you our precious Lord,
Worthy , worthy, worthy are you Lord,
Take us in closer, nearer and nearer to you,
We are entering  the Holy of Holies  to be with you.


Irene McGough 2008





When we look at the people around us,

We need to see through His eyes,

For we see people who seem abusive at best,

But His heart for them is to offer forgiveness.


He wants us to love like He loves,

He wants us to show compassion and love,

But sometimes we need to be healed of our hurts,

So that we in turn can help others who hurt.


In His image He created the people we meet,

Their image is fallen because of sin,

But He wants to bring them before His mercy seat,

And bring them into relationship with Him.


For Jesus died for all men everywhere,

And He wants them to see that He really cares,

And the people of God need to love like He loves,

For if we look through His eyes we learn to love.


Irene McGough   © 2008

Walk in righteousness




Walk in righteousness and you will be blessed, happy and fortunate,

For you do not follow the ways of sinners and mockers,

But you delight in God’s ways and live for him day and night,

Like a tree yielding good fruit for you are planted by living waters.


Your leaves will not wither for all that you do will prosper.

For the Lord will not harm you, he desires for you to prosper,

And the fruit you bear will bring forth more good fruit,

For it’s in the good soil you have planted your roots.


Those who follow wicked ways are like chaff being blown away by wind,

The wicked cannot stand up in the assembly of the righteous.

Deny God and perish because you have not repented of sin.

The Lord watches over those who are the blood washed righteous.


But come seeking, come with a true repentant heart,

And Jesus will gladly give you a brand new start,

No matter what you have done his blood can wash your sins away.

He wants to cleanse you deep within, come to him today.


Irene McGough  © 2008

For newly weds.




 Wishing you both God’s richest blessings,

On this the celebration of your wedding,

Cleave together as the Word of God says,

Love and cherish one another throughout your days.


Remember always there are three in your marriage,

A Christian marriage means both you two and God,

In all that you do keep God  on your life’s page ,

And  He will direct your paths as He says in His Word.



 Irene McGough 2008




The enemy thinks he can lead my people astray,
But I am telling you now there is no way,
For I am sending my warring angels forth to protect you,
And my people are getting stronger and overcoming too.

Remember, I am on your side my dear children,
For even through trials remember you are not forgotten,
I will never leave you nor forsake you so come now,
Rise up for it's time for you to take my kingdom now.

You are no longer a people living in defeat,
For I will your every need meet,
As you walk in obedience to my great gospel commission,
Touching the hearts of people with my love not religion.

For it was out of love that I came and died,
Suffering in every way such as man and I cried,
So learn what it really means to take up your cross,
That you might reach others and put my message across.

And you will lay hands on the sick and see them healed,
Spiritually, physically and mentally healed,
For it's time for you to know full Holy Spirit power,
He will equip and empower you for this very hour.

Now it's time, my people its your time,
I am stretching all those that are mine,
Don't you know you need to be fully awake,
For it is time for you my kingdom to take.

Irene McGough 2008


Peace and Tranquility


Peace and Tranquillity


 It was a lovely warm summer’s day,

A day for leaving behind life’s pressures,

And venturing out for a peaceful day away,

Leaving behind the crowds of suburbia I ventured.


 Driving into the quietness of the country side,

A bag packed with goodies for a picnic in tow,

Using my map book for a guide,

Arriving at my destination I gazed at the beautiful meadow.


 A stream trickled through it’s midst and this I photographed

For the sun shone so brightly on this cloudless day,

And there was such beauty and peace in all I perceived,

Then I fed crusts to some birds and  they flew away.


 Then it was time to relax and just read a book,

If I were at home I would be wondering what to cook?

And not another soul during that afternoon came into sight

It was stress free and I felt that all with the world must be right.


 I began to reflect on all the beauty that I beheld,

Somehow all the theories of evolution that I had heard,

Didn’t seem to cut it anymore for surely, there must be a Creator,

The beauty of the meadow, the stream, distant hills could not just evolve.


 If there truly was a God I wanted to find Him,

But which one there were so many different religions?

Some folks said that all roads lead to God,

But I felt deep within I couldn’t give my agreement and nod.


 Then God placed someone in my path who told me Jesus was the way.

That only through Him could I find truth and purpose in life,

So I asked Jesus into my life and started on a new journey,

One that brings peace in the midst of storms and strife.


 For now I have Jesus to guide me though my life,

And he has promised to me an abundant life,

He has given me a peace and wonderful joy beyond measure,

For when I came to Him I found my greatest treasure.


 I have a hope and a future you see, a hope in heaven,

I did not know what it was to love, I was my greatest concern,

My needs and living for me was what drove me on reflection,

But now I have found the Lord Jesus Christ and He is my greatest possession.


 Friend, if you don’t know Jesus let me tell you He is the only way,

For you to find true meaning and hope in this life,

Ask Jesus to forgive your sins and come into your life today,

He will give you peace and joy and a real reason to live.


 Irene McGough 2008






 Life for me has been so tough,

And all I have looked for is love,

I have experienced blow after blow,

When it got rough friends didn’t want to know.


 I looked in the bars for meaning I life,

But all I found was hurting and strife,

The bottle wasn’t the answer I could plainly see,

Yet for a little while it killed the pain in me.


 I searched for happiness and couldn’t find it,

I drank and took drugs which took me to the pit,

But I couldn’t find a purpose in all of this,

So again I shot up looking for a moment of bliss.


 But in all of this there was no real meaning,

I had to search for life’s real reason,

And still I was searching for real love,

I didn’t know I could find it from God above.


 Then someone gave me soup and a sandwich,

Served with a lovely smile and they seemed to care,

They told me that though I was poor I could be rich,

For Jesus had died my many sins to bear.


 I looked at this person in a state of unbelief,

Something in that loving smile hit home to me,

I said “Jesus be real to me” and I found relief,

For through the blindness I was beginning to see.


 I asked Jesus into my life for I wanted a new start,

And I felt this wonderful embrace of love,

As the Holy Spirit descended on me like a dove,

There’s no looking back for Jesus I am set apart.


 So if you are searching for life’s meaning today.

Let me tell you friend that Christ is the way.

And let me tell you there is no other love,

Like the love that you can find in God above.


 ( This is not my personal testimony I have known Jesus since childhood, but I have seen this Jesus I love turn others lives around changing their lives completely and setting them free.)


 Irene McGough © 2008





 He wants us to love like He loves,

He wants us to show compassion and love,

To love one another as he has loved us,

Treating others as we would have them treat us.


 So Lord we ask you to change our hearts,

That we, your people making a fresh new start,

Might gather together united, in one accord,

Rather than speaking to others that last hasty word.


 So we need to get our focus right, with Jesus first,

For when we truly come and for him thirst,

Everything else starts to fall into it’s God given place,

And we can treat our brothers and sisters with grace.


 We will spend eternity together, worshipping our King

And his praises forever together we will sing,

So since the first fruit of the spirit is love,

Let us all start now on a new learning curve.


 Learning to show love as he would have us do,

A humble and contrite spirit he would have us pursue,

For when we see others as more important than self,

The desire to prove that we are right will be left.


 For our Heavenly Father wants us to first show love,

He does not want us intent our own point to prove,

The Word says we will know them by their fruits,

So showing love, grace and mercy should be our pursuit.


 Teach us your ways our dear Lord and Saviour,

That we might indeed be salt full of savour,

And may our light shine in this world of men,

As we learn to show love to one another and to them.


 Irene McGough © 2008





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

To wash away our sins.


 There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

To change us deep within.


 There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

To cover and protect us


 There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

To heal all our sicknesses.


 There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

There is power in your blood,

To set us so totally free.


 Irene McGough 2008

Awaken our hearts


 Awaken our Hearts


Dear Lord, awaken our hearts,

For you gave us a brand new start,

Shake all that needs to be shaken,

To stir us up as lovers praising.


For you alone are worthy of our praise,

So in worship our arms we raise,

And we ask you to take us deeper,

Deeper unto you, our Dear Saviour.


May we passionately pursue you,

For you pour love on us too,

Forgive us of our foolish ways,

May we live for you throughout our days.


This world is not our home,

We are to live with eternity in view,

So Lord make us over anew,

That we might live for you alone.


Irene McGough 2008






Worthy, worthy are you beloved, oh Son of the living God,

We come, singing praises unto you in one accord,

And now we you bride are coming out of the wilderness,

As we draw closer smelling your sweet fragrant essence.


 We will keep our helmets of salvation firmly on our heads,

To keep us from swallowing Satan’s lies and concentrate on you instead ,

This world has nothing to offer us, only through you we have eternal life,

And you have called us right into your chambers as your precious wife.


 So now we are coming up higher to be where you are,

No longer wanting to glimpse upon you from afar,

And we lift our prayers and praises upwards to your throne,

For we are so thankful and joyous to know you call us your own.


 Your sweet embrace is so beautiful to us our dear bridegroom,

And we thank that you are preparing mansions with many rooms,

For you have made us beautiful out of ashes, making us fit for a King,

And eternally we will come with praises honour and glory singing.


 And we yearn to spend time with you like Mary seated at your feet,

For the time we have talking with you is so precious and sweet,

And you pour love, grace and mercy constantly upon us your bride,

So we come longing for that day when eternally we will be by your side.


 But for now we gaze up to your throne- room our beloved King,

 Drawing closer and closer your praises forever we will sing,

And we are seeking like Moses to see you face to face,

For you gave your life for us and saved us by your grace.


 You are seated at the Father’s right hand, preparing a place for your wife,

For you through your grace and mercy given us who are undeserving eternal life,

And you say in your Word that you are ravished by one glimpse from our eyes,

And that each and every one of us will be a special jewel to you in paradise.


 You our Lord and Saviour are the object of our love you see,

And we long to know you better, on this at least your people will agree,

For it is you who paid the price for our sins and set us free,

Now you will take us near, far and wide a witness for you to be.


 For there are people out there who you desire as part of your bride,

And you have given us a commission from which we cannot hide,

To take the good news of salvation to the hurting and the lost,

We long for your return but you are tarrying for a purpose.


 So for now we seek to come closer, coming right into your throne room,

For we long to dwell in your presence our precious, sweet bridegroom,

And we come thirsty and hungry with deep longing for you,

Standing amazed in wonder that you are longing for us too

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Irene McGough 2008



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WHERE DO I PLEDGE MY ALLEGIANCE?


 Where do I pledge my allegiance?

Do I long for more personal gains?

Or would I lose everything to seek after Jesus?

Is my earnest desire to really know Jesus?


 Paul counted all things as loss for the sake of Christ,

I love Jesus but do I really put him first?

The Lord says if I seek Him I will find him,

So I humbly bend the knee pursuing after him.


 I come thirsty longing to drink from living waters,

So rid me of all my foolish mindless thoughts,

And may I earnestly pursue the Lord, who died for me,

My whole life must be devoted to you I can plainly see.


 So take me as I am and shake all that can be shaken,

Mould me on your potters wheel a fresh vessel making,

Then take me and use me for the glory of your Kingdom,

Not that I should boast except in Christ alone.


 For where would I be if you hadn’t touched into my life?

You saw me in my hour of need and showed mercy,

By your grace you saved me and gave me a new life,

I was undeserving, yet the gift of salvation you gave freely.


 So I will pledge my allegiance to my Lord and Saviour,

And I will not go along with the crowd and follow another,

Let my life be a living testimony to the Lord who died for me,

That others looking at me might His reflection see.


Irene McGough 2008






      Dear Father in unity we come seeking more revelation of who you are,

      You are the Holy One;  Glorious in Infinite Splendor you are,

      And we long to see your Kingdom come in full reality,

       For when heaven touches earth healing of the whole person is a surety.


      We give you praise and thanks for you always provide for us,

      We need never worry about having food provided for us,

      For you provide the food on our tables and a roof over our heads,

      So no matter what comes against us we will trust in you instead.


       Forgive us Father for our foolish ways, for debts we have accumulated,

       You have forgiven us so let us forgive those who against us sinned,

       Help us to overcome the temptations that the devil casts our way,

       That we might be overcomers, empowered by the Holy Sprit every day.


        Fill us up afresh that we might play our part in heralding in your Kingdom,

        For it’s not by our might, nor by our power but by your Spirit we move,

        And as we tell the people about King Jesus we will see many come to salvation,

        As we come in repentance and obediently in response to your voice  move.


       We will praise your Precious Name  and give you all the glory,

       Your precious cup of oil that anoints us to spread your “Good News” story,

       Of how you call sinners to repentance and wash away their sins,

       And You want to heal every part of them cleansing them deep within.


        So let the fire of heaven ignite us afresh to see the captives set free,

        May the light of your countenance shine forth in us  that people might see,

         Just even a glimpse of how marvelous and wonderful you are Dear God,

         And they might come to the foot of the cross declaring Jesus as Lord.


        We worship only you Our Lord and our God for you alone are Worthy,

        There is none like you,  in unison we cry Holy, Holy, Holy unto you.

        How magnificent in glorious splendor you are Worthy, Worthy, Worthy,

        And now in unity your people come with voices of one accord to worship you.


            Irene McGough  2008

Jesus wants you to be totally free


For those who have suffered abuse.


You can be free of those deep seated hurts from childhood days,
Someone took advantage of your innocence behind closed doors,
But there was an unseen witness to the proceedings always,
Your Heavenly Father wants to wipe away your tears forever more.

He has watched you hurting there throughout the years,
And He has longed to set you free, wiping away every tear,
His love for you his child is love that goes beyond all measure,
Right now he is beckoning you to come hither, come closer.

You need to recognize what your abusers have done and forgive them,
Remember what we pray “Father forgive those who trespass against us,”
He has forgiven us of so much, his commandments we have broken,
The blood shed for you wiped away your sins, take all those hurts to Jesus.

Oh dear one, can’t you see he felt every hurt, every bit of your pain?
He has cried and travailed with you when you have shed those tears,
Now he wants to take every one of those deep seated night fears,
Giving you a precious new freedom and you will never be bound again.

So take it all to Jesus, ask him to help you to forgive your abusers,
It can’t be done on your own, you need to have his help on this,
Remember his love and compassion goes well beyond compare,
Give it all over to him today and he will help you with the forgiveness.

And soon you will know what it is to be so totally free,
For He will do for you what he has already done for me,
Every chain , every shackle, He wants to break away,
That you might know real joy and freedom in him today.

Copyrighted Irene McGough  2008


I know I am saved

 I know I am saved


 Jesus sought me out offering a free gift you see,

His love and mercy were directed to even me,

For although I was undeserving and dead in sin,

He offered to me forgiveness and a new life to begin


 So I came to Jesus one night long ago,

I was only a child yet I knew he loved me so,

And I am so thankful for the gift of salvation,

Which has made me into a new creation.


 My parents were Christians but that wasn’t enough,

The Lord said to me “You have to deal with your own sin stuff,”

So even although I was only a child of seven,

I knew Jesus loved me and wanted me to have a home in heaven.


 The Holy Spirit came and dwelt within me,

Restoring to me a relationship with Father God you see,

For two thousand years ago my  Dear Saviour died,

Through his blood shed for me I have been justified.


And I confessed to others that Jesus is Lord of my life,

Telling others how they too can have Jesus in their lives,

Jesus asked me to be a witness to the people out there,

Telling them that he wants to save and restore them  for he really cares.


 I know I am saved because the Spirit birthed this longing in me,

To draw closer and closer to Jesus my Lord each and every day,

And I will walk in victory for Jesus washed my sins away,

Through trials and tribulations I know my Lord goes before me.


 My sins past, present and future were washed away,

 On that day when Jesus came into my heart to stay,

And Jesus is surely changing me this much I know,

Submitting all to him in response to his call I must surely go.


 Irene McGough 2008





                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Dear Lord, I have a problem and I want to be part of the solution,

I long to see so many people falling truly in love with you in this generation,

You have set a fire within my heart, luke warmness won’t cut it any more,

I’m falling more in love with my Jesus and I long for people to know the one I adore.


 You have captured my heart and I am wrecked for anything else,

For you I must live I can no longer live for self, you must increase,

I know you have birthed a passion deep within me for the lost and the hurting,

But Lord I want to help in part to awaken your people who are sleeping.


 This passion is taking hold of me and ripping me so completely apart,

I don’t know the why’s and how’s of how to do what you would have me do,

But I know that you hold the future and will help me to make a start,

So through prayer and supplication I come fully ready to be used of you.


 You are so precious to me Lord and I want to know you more and more,

So consume every part of my being, right to it’s very core,

Lord you have always been faithful to me down through the years,

You have carried me through times of blessing and through tears.


 And I confess that I have so often taken my eyes off of you,

But I know without a shadow of doubt that you carried me through,

And you brought me back to the foot of the cross that I might see,

That without you in my life Lord Jesus, just where would I be?


 So hear I am humbly begging your forgiveness my dear Saviour,

And asking you this day to begin raising me up as a true warrior,

Who will play a part in heralding in your Kingdom on this earth,

For a fiery, loving passion for you in me you have birthed.


 So Lord I ask you to help me, to express in poetry and other ways,

Just how wonderful and beautiful you are to me this day,

That, others might behold something of the beauty of your countenance,

And they might come hungry and thirsty to behold your radiance.


 For I love you Lord and I want the world to know it’s all about you,

We were born with a purpose, a relationship with you to pursue,

And that means more than saying a quick dutiful prayer at the end of the day,

You have called us to be lovers of you walking with you along the way.


 For you are the bridegroom who beckons his bride to come as lovers,

And for those yet to come you are beckoning them come hither,

Because you first loved us, giving your life for us that we might be saved,

For your desire is for people to really know they are loved.



 Irene McGough 2008




Dear friend, I want to tell you a story,

Of a wonderful vision of Heaven’s glory,

And I looked and saw one with eyes on fire,

For seated on the throne was the one I desire.


He is the Alpha and Omega and the Ancient of Days,

And like the Apostle John I fall at His feet at one gaze,

Looking up I saw  the wonderful beauty of His countenance,

His glory shining brightly like the sun’s radiance.


All around His throne the angels gather and sing,

And the twenty – four elders were gathered around,

"Worthy, worthy, O Lord, glory, honour and power” proclaiming,

From the throne lightnings, thunderings, and voices resound.


And all the  angels with the saints throughout the ages will gather,

Singing praises in unity from every tribe and every nation together,

"Worthy ; Worthy; Worthy; Blessing and honour and glory and power

 Be to Him who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb, forever and ever!”


When the rewards are handed out at the Bema Seat,

I stand there wishing I had given Him more,

For He had a purpose for me to fulfil I know,

And I realize that much of my life was lived in defeat.


The word said I would overcome by the blood of the Lamb,

And out of life’s trials He would bring peace and calm,

Yet I failed to move fully into all that He had for me,

Fear of man and the situation at hand was all I could see.


But He beckons to me saying “ I am well pleased”

And He rewards me with crowns and I am so blessed,

For  He saw my heart and knew that He was my greatest treasure,

And  He poured out His love on me without measure.


And my Saviour has prepared a beautiful mansion for me,

I am clothed in robes of righteousness as part of His bride you see,

For all of my sins are washed away forever from me,

And the wonder of His Glory and Majesty eternally I will see.


 And then I’m dancing in the streets that are golden,

The wondrous glory of the Lord I am beholding,

Forever and forever His praises I will sing,

As I can now dance eternally with the King of Kings.


Irene McGough  2008





The enemy thinks he can lead my people astray,
But I am telling you now there is no way,
For I am sending my warring angels forth to protect you,
And my people are getting stronger and overcoming too.

Remember, I am on your side my dear children,
For even through trials remember you are not forgotten,
I will never leave you nor forsake you so come now,
Rise up for it's time for you to take my kingdom now.

You are no longer a people living in defeat,
For I will your every need meet,
As you walk in obedience to my great gospel commission,
Touching the hearts of people with my love not religion.

For it was out of love that I came and died,
Suffering in every way such as man and I cried,
So learn what it really means to take up your cross,
That you might reach others and put my message across.

And you will lay hands on the sick and see them healed,
Spiritually, physically and mentally healed,
For it's time for you to know full Holy Spirit power,
He will equip and empower you for this very hour.

Now it's time, my people its your time,
I am stretching all those that are mine,
Don't you know you need to be fully awake,
For it is time for you my kingdom to take.

Irene McGough 2008






 Let coals of Holy Spirit fire fall upon your people today,

And let those burning embers fan into flame,

Make us burn with your holiness, Lord have your way,

Lord ignite us, may we be ablaze with your flame.


 Burn us with your Shekinah Glory, let it shine through us,

We want you to come and consume every part of us,

Send us another Pentecost that will flood through the nations,

A greater outpouring of your Holy Spirit than previously seen.


 We want to be like fiery coals burning for you forever ablaze,

So baptize us with your power from on High, give us boldness,

Revive us, rid of us all fear, for we walk in Holy Spirit Power,

Burst open the Heavens and let your Glory come down this hour,


 We want fire, we want fire; for you Lord are the object of our desire,

More, more, more, more of you Lord, alight the fire,

Fire of God fall on the nations, north to south, east to west,

 And may we in this hour of Pentecost start to give you our best.


 Fire of God fall on us, fire of God come fall on us,

Let us burn with fire and passion for you Lord Jesus,

Glory, glory, glory, precious Heavenly glory coming down on us,

Touching down upon each of us where we are in our home town.


 We are ruined for anything else but living for you and you alone,

And we come this day longing for another glimpse of your Heavenly Throne,

Holy, Holy, Holy are you Lord,; Worthy, worthy, worthy are you Lord,

And we cry “More Lord,” “More Lord” with voices of one accord.


 More of your presence, more of your glory Lord is what we crave,

Holy Spirit come in power and bring us another wave,

Let your kingdom come in fullness, may heaven touch this earth,

As we see you Holy Spirit move in power and fires of revival birth.


 Irene McGough 2008






 All over the world there is a stirring of fresh revival,

As the people of God come repentant giving Jesus their all,

For we are no longer satisfied with what we had before,

We  are coming hungry and thirsty, crying out for more.


 It is Jesus Christ we seek; He is the object of our deepest desire,

For He has birthed within us a new passion and fire,

Like any good bridegroom; He is lavishing his love on his bride,

Wooing us and drawing us closer; through eternity we will with Him abide.


 Now that we have experienced the tangible presence of the Lord,

We are ready to engage in all life’s battles; fully armoured yielding our swords,

For we are becoming violent; for the sake of the Kingdom you see,

And we have learned that it is time for us to truly bend our knees.


 We will keep on drinking from the fountain of living waters,

And out of our hearts shall flow rivers of living water,

“Keep filling us up Lord that our barrels might be full of oil,

So now and always what this world has to offer will make us recoil.”


 We sing a new song in our hearts declaring “We belong to Jesus,

We will live for Him each and every day, it’s no longer about us,

From now on we will walk in the anointing of Holy Spirit power,

Seeing the people around us saved healed and delivered in this hour”


 Irene McGough  © 2008.

 Lord let it be, a true lasting revival !

Only Believe


Only Believe


All things are possible if you only believe,

For God is the God of the impossible,

So all we have to do my friends is only believe,

The Word says with God all things are possible.


So come let us step right into supernatural realms,

For all we need to step right in is only believe,

In all that we do, we need to keep Christ at the helm,

We need to walk in the gift of faith now and only believe.


Let us move right on in leaving the outer courts behind us,

Then through to the Holy of Holies coming face to face with Jesus,

There is so much more for us to discover only believe,

Seek after Jesus and we will enter the heavenly realms to receive.


And the angelic realm will become accessible only believe,

For in the presence of angels there is freedom and liberty,

And with these open heavens we will move on to victory,

The fire of the Holy Spirit will totally engulf us only believe.


We will move into realms of the miraculous like never before,

Moving in full resurrection power for there is still more,

What we have tasted is only the beginning of we will receive,

For we are about to be revolutionized by ‘agape’ love, only believe.


What men have beheld of the glory of the Lord is only the beginning,

Open wide the gates it’s time for the King of Glory to come right in,

We have only started to waken up; there is so much more, only believe,

For Jesus is coming back for a pure spotless bride, only believe.


Holy Spirit come with your refiner’s fire and purify our hearts,

Increase our longing; increase our desire for Jesus in our hearts,

For we long to be changed and take on his very nature,

We know that there is urgency in this hour for the bride to mature.


So we will press on in to the Secret Holy Places and only believe,

There is more for us to access when we come in faith and only believe,

Heavenly visions and miraculous signs and wonders are at hand,

Our nation is about to be set ablaze as we move in power through this land.


And the Lord is about to set many captives totally free, only believe,

It is time for the prodigals to come running home to Daddy, only believe,

And all your sicknesses and diseases are being healed now, only believe.

For the prayer of faith shall heal the sick, come to Jesus and only believe.




The Lord is jealous for our affections can’t you see he wants intimacy,

It is time for us draw real close, being taken to new levels of intimacy,

For the fullness of Kingdom reality is right at hand, only believe.

Step right into the realm of the supernatural now, only believe.


We are going to be such carriers of the presence of God, only believe,

That people will come asking us “What do we need to be saved?”

People will be even healed by the “Christ in us” as we pass by, only believe,

For it is Christ in us that is the hope of glory, so we need to only believe.




Irene McGough   5th July,2008

Sons and daughters prophesy



“Come my children listen to my voice and prophesy,

In theses days I am pouring my Spirit out on all flesh,

The dry bones will come to life when you prophesy,

My Father will reveal knowledge that is not of your flesh.


My sheep here my voice and follow me, so come along with me,

I want to take you right into the deep places you have yet to perceive,

My dear bride I am awakening your spiritual eyes that you might see,

That with me all things are possible if you will only believe.


So, let your deaf ears be opened that you might clearly hear,

What I have to say to you all in this very hour and day,

Fresh wind is blowing and you will move into the realms of seers,

For my Spirit is hovering across the face of the deep today.


I breathe life and I am breathing life into my church once more,

Like Lazarus many of you have been half asleep can’t you see?

But I am breathing life and not death, awakening you  forevermore,

I came to give you abundant life so place your trust in me.


I have a word for your town or city, listen now and prophesy,

I will turn the hearts of many people back to myself can’t you see?

Prophesy the wind of change coming to your town or city,

For I will turn the hearts of the people away from their iniquity.


But you my bride need to get violent for the sake of the Kingdom,

Pray and prophesy to your land and many will receive freedom,

So write down the things that I have to say to my people today,

For this generation are rising up as a people of power for today.


When the enemy comes against you remember the victory is won,

For I go before you as your cloud by day and your fire by night,

I conquered the powers of darkness saying it is finished, it’s done,

So keep your focus on me, walk by faith, believing, not by sight.


Let the scales come off your eyes so you might see clearly and prophesy,

And deafness be gone that you might hear clearly what I have to say,

So here is the word that I have for you my dear bride today,

Come to me, there’s more, come closer to me, for I long for intimacy.


Humble yourselves before me, seek my face and I will heal your land,

I will hear your prayers and heartfelt cries and I will respond,

My promises in my Word are yes and amen and every promise I will keep,

Come with a spirit of expectancy, only believing the harvest you will reap.


For I am wooing you my bride, pouring my love upon you,

It’s almost time for you to come and wear that wedding ring,

But right now there is a large harvest of souls out there,

A fresh baptism of my love will help you to really care.


For 2,000 years ago I asked you to love me and love others first,

And it’s only now when you are coming to me in hunger and thirst,

That you are now learning in part how to love as I love,

When you care like I care you will prophesy with wisdom from above.


For I will show you new things in the realms of the Spirit can’t you see?

You will see so much more clearly and confidently prophesy,

Discerning that it is my voice that  you hear and my visions you see,

You will really know me as a wife knows her husband, you are coming to maturity.


So my bride it is time for you to draw closer, come up a little higher,

Do you long for me the way that I long after you?

Come away with me, come into the bridal chambers, come closer,

There is love, joy and liberty in my presence just for you.


In that place of intimacy there is a new level of revelation knowledge for you,

I lavish my kisses upon you expressing how I see you as beautiful too,

From that place of real intimacy with me now I want you to see,

How much easier it is for you to see and hear now from me.


So, come my bride speak to the dry bones, and those bones shall live,

For the wind of my spirit is swirling over the dark places and breathing life,

Chains are falling off the prisoners, being saved,  healed, delivered and set free,

For they are coming out of darkness and into the light, returning to me.”


So Prophesy                              Irene McGough 2008                      





What is revival about?


What is revival about?

Revivalists surely would say,
"Submit your all to Jesus today,"
Revival is not all about Todd,
Friend's it's about encountering God.

The Lord rewards those coming in hunger and thirst,
Who seek his face wanting to make him first,
So let us fix our eyes upon the Lord Jesus,
He wants to be the sole object of our focus.

Don't just seek to know more about God,
Though that in itself is worthy and good,
Through Jesus we can come to know Father God,
In a very personal way that is so good.

God loves us and beckons the church to come home,
His arms are outstretched beckoning us to come,
The bride of Christ are being prepared for His return you see,
He wants us to lose our selfish ways and stop thinking it's all about me.

Revival can be personal and corporate can't you see?
It all starts in the hearts of you and me.
So let the quest to draw closer to Jesus fan the flame,
Going deeper, drawing closer to Jesus let that be our aim.

And let us be ready to obediently answer his call,
For to go our own way is to surely fall,
So Holy Spirit fall upon your people today,
Refine us in your fire this very day.

The Lord wants to see unity in the body of Christ,
You may have questions but in Jesus place your trust,
A squabbling church is not Of God's making,
Your heart and mine are what matters so let them awaken.

It's all about Jesus and coming closer to him,
Seek the Lord while he may be found,
He is jealous for us the bride to come as lovers of him,
We need to listen for his voice and get to know it's sound.

For his sheep here his voice and follow him,
They do not go astray and go their own way,
Our hearts will be revived as we draw closer to him,
So let's focus on the Lord Jesus Christ today.

Irene McGough July 2008

For Evangelism


You have been searching so long for the meaning of life,
And all you have found is anger, hurting and strife,
But deep down within something tells you there is more,
Than what you have seen or experienced before.

You’ve been seeking someone to love the real you,
But it’s all ended in rejection and hurting too,
And all you have wanted is to know someone is there,
To share precious moments with and show they care.

You thought you might find the answers sleeping around,
But this was not the place where love could be found,
And all you found was you gained a reputation,
Increasing that feeling of hopelessness, and rejection.

You turned to drugs or alcohol and you found addiction,
At one point you tried religion but you found man’s tradition,
And still you were searching, believing there must be more,
Yet all you found was that life seemed a real bore.

Thoughts have tormented you as to life’s purpose,
And you’ve ended with the conclusion that it’s pointless,
And you’ve heard men speak of heaven and hell,
But you believed if you lived a good life all would be well.

I want to tell you that someone really loves the real you,
It does not matter where you have been or who you have been with,
This love is unconditional and comes with forgiveness.
For God sent his son to die on Calvary’s cross for you.

The message my friend is that God and Jesus love you,
God wants to restore a loving relationship with you,
He offers a free gift of salvation to you if you believe,
Come to Jesus today and you will a new life receive.

For you dear friend were created with a purpose,
Before time began God saw the day you would be born,
He saw you there and it was you he chose,
And all heaven will party when you are reborn.

Every hurt, all your fears, all your pain he wants to wash away,
The blood Jesus shed for you was for you to be made whole,
And he is in the business of healing every hurt in you today,
You need to come to Jesus though, making him Lord.

So please take heed and find real meaning in your life,
By finding a new life without all the hurting and strife,
For God is our Heavenly father and wants to lavish his love upon you,
Will you accept his love, grace and mercy which is crying out for you..

Father God stands with his arms open wide saying “ Come home to me,
I have always loved you, I have seen ever hurt and all your tears,
I have seen your struggles for I have watched you throughout the years,
And I always cared, numbering even the hairs in your head can’t you see?

I want you to know that when you come to me I will never reject you,
The desire of my heart has always been for you my child to love me too,
I want to wipe away all your tears, and rid you of all of your fear,
My Son Jesus died that you and I might now be reconciled here.

Something called sin caused a separation between you and I,
It was to pay the price for your sins that the Lord Jesus did surely die.
Now I want you to come and accept Jesus as your Lord today,
You will be forgiven of all you have ever done, your sins washed away.

So come to me today, I want to lavish my love upon you,
The Holy Spirit will come and reside in you, strengthening you,
Revealing more through a still small voice and the Word, helping you see,
How you can now walk closely in relationship with me.

I have promised to give an abundant life, life in all it’s fullness,
Your needs I will supply, but I have not promised it will all be easy,
But you will never again feel you are totally alone throughout life’s journey,
For I promise to be with you guiding and helping you each step of the way.

And I want you to know what it is to be totally free,
Free to live a life of joy and peace that you have yet to know,
A knowledge of a sure and certain future which you will see,
Come to me today, and remember that I have always loved you so.”

Copyrighted by Irene McGough

Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

For God loved you so much that He gave His only Son to die for you that if you believe in Him you will not perish, but you will have an everlasting life.

Creative Gifts



God wants us to use our creative gifts,
For he is bringing them to the fore in us today,
So if you can draw or paint, write prose or poetry,
It is time my friends to use your God given gifts.

So whatever it is that he has birthed in you,
Be sure to use your gift for His glory,
Take the first step in doing that which he has birthed in you,
Could it be that he wants you to tell your story?

Maybe you lean more to acting or mime?
Than putting verses into poetic rhyme,
But if God has planted creativity in you,
Be assured whatever it is he will enable you to do.

Irene McGough 2008



This was written prior to going out on the streets evangelising.


Let’s take the message to the people we meet,
As we speak to the people in this city’s streets,
Lord, you want to see the people set free,
That they might a new hope and purpose see.

Let your anointing flow from us,
That the people might see you Jesus,
Let us see what you see in each and every dear one,
That this very day the battle for souls might be won.

For the desire of your heart is to see the people saved,
You long to see them set free, healed and delivered,
So Holy Spirit come and fill us up afresh this day,
That we might go in power and tell them Jesus is the way.

So Lord you are the Lord of the harvest,
And it’s time for us to bring forth that harvest,
For when we talk to the people out there,
We need to remember that you have prepared our way.

Irene McGough 2008

I am no longer satisfied




                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             I am no longer satisfied for I know there is more,

And I’ve got to come closer, I want more,

I know that it’s only you can satisfy me Lord,

So I come hungry, oh so hungry for you Lord,


You came into my life and gave me a new start,

And you dear Lord have captured my heart,

You are beautiful Lord, you take my breath away,

How I long for you, more of you this day.


From the very depth of my being I am crying out,

Lord I long to know you more is my shout,

 For I just long to see you face to face, just one glance, 

And I will worship you forever in song and in dance.


You’ve made a way for me to come up closer,

The veil was rent into two and now I come up higher,

I can enter the Holy Place just to be with you,

Oh Lord, take me away into the Heavenly Places with you.


And you have been waiting for me come closer,

For you have wooed me, pouring your love upon me,

And you have said to me “Dear one, come up higher,

There are many things that I want you to see.”


So I will come seeking, seeking to draw close to you,

For I am longing after you, I’ve got to have more of you,

And I will not be satisfied until I see you face to face,

How I love your sweet presence poured out by your grace.


I will not stop pursuing you Lord until I am satisfied,

 Lord you shed your blood upon that cross and for me you died,

And I have to know you more, feel your very heart beat,

Drawing closer to you caught up into the Heavenlies seated.


So Lord continue to fan the flame, kindle the fire, more fire,

For you are my Lord, my King, are the object of my deepest desire,

Nothing else can satisfy this longing deep within, only you,

And I know without a shadow of a doubt that you love me too.


Irene McGough 2008





A letter to the 21st Century Church.


Come and listen to what the Lord has to say to you today,

“Many of you are faithful in attending church every Sunday,

But where are you on Monday in school, college or the work place?

Yet your Pastor preached the message that you must surely seek my face.


And many of you seek to be filled up with the Spirit,

Coming to church looking for God to keep blessing you,

Oh, foolish generation can’t you see there is a reason you are filled?

Yet I shower love, grace and mercy upon you and call you to love me too.


I want to impart my Spirit to you and fill you up to overflowing,

That you might come and with me sup, so that I might prepare you,

To go on out into your community seeds for the harvest sowing,

Come spend time with me and you will be amazed at what I do through you.


I am the way, the truth and the life and I want to give you abundant life,

My plans for you are amazing you know, but you have to say yes to my call,

 That’s right each of you has been called as a disciple of mine and I want your all,

So child of mine will you respond today and give me your whole life?


Some of you have swallowed a lie which has enveloped the church throughout the ages,

You believe that I stopped healing and the gift of prophecy disappeared at the end of the  New Testament Canon,

But this is a lie that satan has perpetuated to keep the body of Christ from fulfilling the commission,

Yet I have told you that “I AM, I AM and yesterday today and forever I am the same.”


My nature speaks of who I am, for I am your healer, and your provider,

I am your shepherd, your sanctifier, I give you peace, and I your creator am also your protector,

And I have said that the gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world,

For that to happen the body of Christ need to tell the people that I am Lord.


I have said to you my people, that you would do even greater works than I,

And yet it has still to happen even where revival is flowing and I want to ask you why?

Could it be that you have yet to learn to really walk with me in true intimacy in the secret place?

Come right up into those heavenly places and abide with me and you will see my face.


Return my people to your first love, can’t you hear my voice calling to you?

I will return for a bride whose hearts are truly committed to loving me too,

I said to you seek my face, but many of you your love has waxed cold,

Repent and return to me and I will not forget you in the days when you are old.


Many have been ravaged with sickness in the body, forgetting sometimes to commune with me,

Others among you have not correctly discerned my body when taking the bread and wine,

Yet I have said that by the scourging that I took you will be healed can’t you see?

It was for you, yes you that my blood was shed you see, so remember that when you take the bread and wine.


I have told you that each of your bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit,

Yet many of you have abused your bodies with sins like gluttony,

This is a hard message I know but I want you to know that you have always been loved,

Humbly turn your whole hearts over to me today and I will heal your land and pour out my Spirit.


And yet I see there are growing numbers in the church who are turning their faces towards me,

It truly delights my heart when you my beloved come seeking for a great revival to see,

And I delight to make my presence know to you as you come seeking my face,

The veil was rent in two that you might enter the Holy of Holies in the secret place.


So my dearly beloved, I want you to truly desire and love me, for I so long for you,

Come take my hand and walk with me, give me your all this day and every day,

And you will know sweet intimacy and no matter what this world puts your way peace I will give you.,

Take my hand and I will direct all your paths and show you the way”



As the Lord gave me this for the church

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              2008        Irene McGough














The season



Everything has it’s time and it’s season,
And this is a season of new beginnings,
Be assured this all has a purpose and reason,
For a new day is being heralded in.

For many years Father God has been wooing us,
Drawing the church closer and closer to Jesus,
But this is now our commissioning time,
He says “I want you to let others know you are mine.”

We are called to be witnesses to this generation,
Taking the message to people of every tribe and nation,
That Jesus wants to save, heal and deliver,
He wants them to know Him as Lord and Saviour.

So it’s time for us to go outside of the church walls,
We will say yes to Jesus answering the call,
Taking the wonderful good news of salvation,
Out to the people of this day and generation.

And the Holy Spirit will come upon us in this hour,
We will walk in boldness, authority and power,
For each one of us have been called with a purpose you see,
That the light of the glorious gospel should shine forth from you and me.

Irene McGough 2008


God has always loved me

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