Where He leads us we will follow


This page is for people to post a word of testimony to the outworking of God in their lives, their salvation experience, a healing.

Please do not post anything contrary to a relationship with Jesus Christ.

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My Testimony Of How God Answered The Prayer Of A Ten Year Old Bo

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Quotes As a Spiritualist, I had believed Jesus was just a cosmic force; part of the universal consciousness, or a great Psychic Heale but I f came to know Him as Saviour and Lord. Since my conversion I?ve met and read of many Psychics, Gypsies, Mediums, Witches and even Satanists who also discovered the entities of their Spirit Guides or dead relatives were not who they claimed to be. These people were also set free from demonic attack after receiving Christ into their lives. Two successful Glasgow Mediums, Sadie Bryce and Geordie Aitken also became Christians. Jesus healed me of fears, phobias and physical conditions. He has given me joy and peace I simply never knew existed. His very tangible Presence of pure love, is more real than any powerful encounter I experienced within Spiritualism. Quotes
Laura Maxwell
From Spiritualism to Christ-My Salvation Testimony. A tract by L

Quotes . I suffered two miscarriages one just three months after we were married, then three months after that I lost my oldest son's twin and Abba showed them to me in a vision,. Firstly He showed me how He had scooped the babies as foetus's up in His arms and taken them to be with Him. Then I saw them as little children, they were so cute. They looked about two years old. Their eyes were bright and full of life. I could see the joy on their faces. I saw them being bounced up and down on Abba Father?s knee. The experience was so real and so beautiful and it brought with it waves of healing. Praise God. Quotes
Irene McGough
Miscarried, aborted, still birth babies are with Abba in heaven